Tax Technician I/II

  • San Andreas, California
  • Sep 02, 2023
Full Time Accounting and Finance Engineering
  • Salary: $38,417.60 - $49,171.20 Annually USD Annually
  • Salary Top: 49171 USD Annually

Job Description

Position Description

First app review will be the week of September 18th.

Tax Technician I: $18.47 - $22.42

Tax Technician II: $19.49 - $23.64

Calaveras County Tax Collector is seeking an energetic and driven individual to join our team as a Tax Technician. As a Tax Technician, you will be responsible for the collection of Unsecured Property taxes, Tax Clearances, and other functions relating to tax collection and treasury. The ideal candidate must have advanced communication and cash handling experience. If you have these skills, we encourage you to apply.

Under general direction, to perform clerical accounting/auditing and records maintenance duties related to County Treasurer/Tax functions; to learn, understand, interpret and apply complex tax codes; to work efficiently and effectively with a wide variety of related computer hardware/software applications; to do related duties as required.


This is a flexibly staffed, four part series. Incumbents will be expected to perform increasingly complex clerical accounting/auditing duties, requiring specialized knowledge related to County Treasurer/Tax functions. Incumbents will also be expected to possess technical knowledge as it relates to applicable computer technology.

Tax Technician I

This is the entry level position in the Tax Technician series. The incumbent will be expected to have basic knowledge of general clerical accounting and auditing procedures, with demonstrated knowledge of office computer software packages. This position works under very close supervision in a training mode.

Tax Technician II

This is the second level position in the Tax Technician series. The incumbent is expected to have the basic skills and knowledge of a Tax Technician I and be able to perform basic technical and specialized clerical accounting/auditing and technical computer application work related to Treasurer/Tax functions. This position is expected to perform basic routine tasks independently.

Tax Technician III

This is the journey level position in the Tax Technician series. The incumbent is expected to work independently and have a good understanding of the Treasurer/Tax clerical accounting/auditing methodologies, including specialized computer applications related to those specialized functions.

Tax Technician IV

This is the advanced journey level position in the Tax Technician series. The incumbent is expected to have an excellent understanding of specialized accounting/auditing methodologies and be highly skilled in all aspects of related computer applications. this position is unique in that it is expected to identify, implement, coordinate and troubleshoot computer hardware and software needs related to departmental operations.

Example of Duties

  • Performs clerical accounting/auditing duties of varying complexity.
  • Handles records management tasks related to Treasurer/Tax operations.
  • Maintains and reconciles fiscal records for secured and prior secured tax roll.
  • Prepares quarterly and yearly accounting reports or documentation related to said reports.
  • Handles tasks associated with current secured, 5 pay plan and 4 pay plan programs.
  • Works closely with, understands and applies complex State revenue and taxation codes.
  • Understands, applies and meets State requirements for yearly tax sale and payment plans.
  • Works with outside agencies, the public and others regarding Treasurer/Tax operations, including special assessments.
  • Understands and applies computer technology, ensuring that day-to-day records maintenance operations are accurate.
  • Performs work related to Prior Secured Delinquent Tax Roll and the Yearly Tax Sale of Delinquent parcels.
  • May be expected to explain, demonstrate or otherwise instruct the public and others with regards to applicable codes, laws, regulations; be able to learn, apply and demonstrate computer application functions.
  • To learn, apply and coordinate computer data maintenance.
  • To serve on related committees.
  • To work on special projects; to do related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge of:

General clerical accounting/auditing and record keeping methodologies; principles and practices of governmental and commercial record keeping practices; pertinent federal, state and local regulations; report writing; computer applications, including DOS, WordPerfect, Microsoft Works, Excel dBASE and other commonly used applications; general computer functions and tools related to office operations.

Ability to:

Effectively work with a wide variety of computerized data and fiscal reports and records; work with personal computers; prepare complex reports; present material in a concise and orderly fashion; skillfully and accurately perform a wide variety of mathematical functions; operate business machines; create and order specialized forms as needed; recognize office needs and implement solutions.

Skill to:

Effectively establish and maintain excellent working relations with the public and others;

maintain accurate records; understand, learn and apply specialized rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Education, Training, and Experience :

Equivalent to graduation from high school and:

Tax Technician I

Two years of general clerical accounting/auditing experience, including demonstrated knowledge of computer applications.

Tax Technician II

Three years of general clerical accounting/auditing experience, including demonstrated knowledge of computer applications and County Treasurer/Tax operations.

Tax Technician III

Four years of clerical accounting/auditing experience, including demonstrated knowledge of computer applications and County Treasurer/Tax operations.

Tax Technician IV

Five years of clerical accounting/auditing experience, including demonstrated knowledge of specialized computer applications and County Treasurer/Tax operations.

Bargaining Unit 7 - Service Employees International Union Local 1021

For available Health/Dental/Vision insurance please visit the County BENEFITS WEBPAGE. Please note that Extra-hire positions that are benefitted, are only offered our CORE medical plan and are not offered dental or vision.

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Program Highlights:
  • Down Payment Assistance, up to 5.5% of the Total Mortgage Loan.
  • Available with purchase of a primary residence.
  • Variety of Mortgage Loan options (FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional Mortgage Loans).
  • No first-time homebuyer requirement to qualify.
  • Flexible guidelines: Minimum FICO 640; Maximum DTI 50%.
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Boot Allowance: $150 per year and is distributed once a year, in the first full pay period in the month of December.Qualifying Classifications: Registered EH Specialists, EH Techs, OSS Engineers, Fleet Manager, Junior Engineer, Mechanic series, Sheriff's Mechanic, Public Works Inspector, Road Maintenance Worker series, Integrated Waste Worker series, AG Techs, and AG Biologists, and Recycling Program Coordinator I/II, Permit Tech I/II, Engineering Tech I/II assigned to the Rock Creek Landfill facility, and Air Pollution Control Tech.

Uniform Allowance:$600 per calendar year split into monthly payments.Payments will be made monthly on the second pay check.Qualifying classifications: Custodian series, facility maintenance worker series, facilities maintenance engineer.

Extra-hire employees are not eligible for step advances, vacation, seniority rights, holiday pay or other certain employee benefits. They are entitled to 24 hours of sick leave per year and eligilbe for the county's CORE Medical plan but not eligible for dental or vision insurance.

Vacation days:

0 - 3 complete years = 80 hours per year.

After 6 months you can take your first week.

3 - 10 complete years = 120 hours per year

10 years+ = 160 per year

Holidays:13 paid holidays per year.

Life Insurance: $50,000.00 County paid

Sick Leave: 12 days annual sick leave accrual with unlimited accumulation.

Sick leave is accrued at 3.69 hours for each full 80 hours of payroll period.

60 hours of sick leave can be used for immediate family, parent spouse, child or sibling.

Merit: After successfully completing twenty-six (26) pay periods, a 5% merit increase may be granted.Merit increases may be granted annually thereafter to the top step.

Probation Period: New employees remain in a probationary status for 26 pay periods..

Longevity Incentives @ 2.5% for each of the following:
  • 5.5 years (if hired before March 28, 2005)
  • 6 years
  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years

Bi-Lingual pay:$75 per month for specific approved job classifications.

Flexible Spending: Pre-Tax Medical Reimbursement - Max contribution of $2,500 annually

Flexible Spending:Pre-Tax Dependent Care Account - Max contribution of $5,000 annually

Section 125 Plan:Additional insurance is available through the Section 125 plan and may be purchased from a representative during open enrollment or by appointment when they are on-site.


Heart & Stroke Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Accident Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance




Extra-Hire's will be enrolled into Public Agency Retirement System (PARS) unless you are already a member of CalPERS.

Additional Retirement Plan:

The County offers a 457 Government plan. Employees can contribute u to this deferred compensation plan (Pre or Post Tax options).The County utilizes VALIC.

Participating employees will receive a County paid match of up to $50 a month.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Base Pay


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