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There is no shortage of advice in how to format a resume or what content to include, but is there an ideal level of detail and length of a résumé?
Posted by careersingov
Asked on May 14, 2013 8:41 am

Early in my career a Bank of America recruiter told me that most resumes are initially screened in 90 seconds or less. My personal experience over the years as a hiring authority is that she was right on. That really speaks volumes for the importance of brevity. The objective of the resume is to get an invitation to the dance, so don’t oversell. List relevant, recent jobs first and make a point of describing not only what your duties and responsibilities are/were but notable accomplishments. Use power words like ”designed”, ”implemented”, “programmed”, ”developed” and ”managed”. Avoid superfluous information; I once received a resume from an applicant that included a single-spaced full page description of a hobby he and his spouse shared! Shoot me now.

Posted by Mark F. Weinberg
Answered On May 23, 2013 10:34 am

Owning two companies I often look at resumes and this is what I can tell you I prefer, maybe not all people that review resumes are like me but I’m sure many are:
1. I’m not into reading novels and usually I’m short of time so a resume should quickly tell me why I should hire you, make it concise and bold the main points.
2. I want to see all the good points on why I should hire someone on the first page, for example if I’m looking to fill a computer related job, I’d want to see the computer related experience on the first page. Then go to the somewhat related experience lower.
3. I generally would expect the resume to fit the type of position. For example if I’m looking to fill a job that requires many years of experience I’d expect the resume to show many years of experience. A one page resume for an entry position job that shows the person is hardworking, willing to learn and able to work in a specific field is enough, but if I am trying to fill a position that requires over 10 years of experience I would expect more than one page, while still being concise and showing the selling points on page one.
I hope this helps.

Posted by Matteo Galbiati
Answered On May 14, 2013 1:49 pm