Last month I was forced to resign my job in a government agency as an alternative to termination.  How much of a problem is that likely to be for me when trying to get another job?
Posted by careersingov
Asked on May 12, 2013 7:50 pm

Without knowing the specifics that led to a forced resignation it is difficult to calculate the potential damage to your attempts to find new employment. However, many resignations tendered in lieu of termination include non-disclosure agreements, and even the promise of “neutral” references. Fortunately for you, you will find that most interviewers ask only “have you ever been terminated from a position for cause?” Character references and background checks may yield more potentially damaging information. As such, depending on the circumstances that led to your resignation, and your personal ethical barometer, you may wish to disclose the incident in the most favorable light and hope for the best. If you choose this path, you may wish to do so at an advanced stage of the selection process when, hopefully, your candidacy is strong enough to overcome any new doubts created by your revelation. What information not directly asked for, and when you wish to disclose it, is a delicate judgment call, however you should always answer direct questions honestly at that time they are posed.

Posted by careersingov
Answered On May 12, 2013 7:51 pm