I am a mid-level manager in a county agency.  My supervisor asked me to write answers to three questions pertinent to our field (current challenges, future outlook etc.), without further explanation.  I have since learned that he took my answers and submitted them as his own as part of an initial screening process in a promotional exam.  I am horrified, and frightened that I became part of unethical conduct.  I sure could use some advice and wisdom.  Help!
Posted by careersingov
Asked on June 10, 2013 9:19 am

The ethical violation involving the writing exercise belongs to your supervisor, not you. But, that may be of small comfort since now that you are aware of the violation you are faced with the ethical dilemma of what to do. Ethical purists are sure to urge you to report the breech to your supervisor’s supervisor, but I am more practical given that his supervisor might not share your outrage and your only reward may be backlash. You don’t mention what the outcome of the selection process was. Personally, if the ethical violation had no bearing on the process I would go no further than communicating my dismay to my supervisor and stating unequivocally that it cannot happen again. However, if your work resulted in an undeserved promotion or significantly altered the selection process, I just don’t know how you keep silent.

Posted by careersingov
Answered On June 10, 2013 9:20 am