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Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Washington DC, GovLoop's mission is simple: connect government to improve government. The goal is to inspire public sector professionals to better service by acting as the knowledge network for government. GovLoop serves a community of more than 100,000 government leaders by helping them to foster collaboration, learn from each other, solve problems and advance in their government careers. The GovLoop community has been widely recognized across the public sector -- federal, state local, industry and academia -- as a leading site for addressing public sector issues.

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Public Speaking Tips For Your Public Sector Job

Public Speaking Tips For Your Public Sector Job

For many of us, public speaking is something we dread (think of the little boy with glossophobia in the Google commercial). Statistics estimate that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking. But public speaking is a fact of life and an important skill to...
6 Tips for Virtual Career Fairs

6 Tips for Virtual Career Fairs

Finding a job is never easy. Add on the quirks of the government application process and it can become downright overwhelming.  Luckily, it’s getting a bit easier as technology transforms the traditional job search. With more accurate search engines, social media, and...
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