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David Nielson, CEO of DNA Worldwide, brings over three decades of global, corporate, Fortune 500, and private consulting experience in organizational change management, leadership development, and training. David has helped guide large-scale change initiatives and business strategy driven by ERP, mergers, restructuring, and the need for cultural change. He has been a featured and frequent speaker at PMI, Project World, Chief Executive Network, Management Resources Association, TEC, IABC, Training Director’s Forum, and the Alliance of Organizational Systems Designers. His book 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success is available now on Amazon.

Website: http://dnaworldwide.net/david-nielson/

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Consciousness vs. Consequences: Lessons Learned

Consciousness vs. Consequences: Lessons Learned

I recently published a book, The 9 Dimensions of Conscious Success – It’s All About YOU!, based on challenges and lessons learned over my 40-year career. I wondered whether those who enter the workforce today face bigger challenges than those I had encountered when I launched my career journey. My research verified that, in some ways, the “deck is stacked” against the current generations.

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