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Kelly Morris has been in public relations for 35 years and conducting formal media interview training for 25. Her trademarked training is a mix of rules and readiness, because it's not enough to practice regurgitating sound bites. Morris teaches the skills to get a message across under any circumstance and master any media interview situation. Training can be tailored to small groups, large groups and individuals. Morris is and always has been a PR practitioner. What that means is that while career journalists were doing interviews, Morris was watching their methods, learning their tricks, and using all of that to help her clients "flip the script" and exercise control of any media interview. In fact, she wrote the ultimate survival guide on how to survive any media interview.

Website: http://kellymorrispr.com

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Make Your Media Interview a Success!

Make Your Media Interview a Success!

For many professionals in government, interacting with the media is an unwritten part of their job description. Media interviews can happen when your department’s public information officer asks for coverage of news, or when a reporter comes to your organization for a...
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