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Passionate about the beneficial qualities psychology can have within the workplace Nick looks to take a creative approach to his clients in order to create bespoke solutions; our in-house model of Employee Engagement being one example. Academically Nick’s completed both his BSc in Psychology (at Manchester University) and MSc in Occupational Psychology (at London Metropolitan University) as well as lecturing at Master’s level. He has a breadth of commercial experience working in both the Telecoms and Medical Device industries before moving in to consultancy. An intrepid traveller, Nick has explored many corners of the globe, going on expedition into the heart of Borneo’s rainforest and scaling some of South America’s highest peaks.

Website: https://davisassociates.co.uk

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5 Reasons Why 57% of Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders

5 Reasons Why 57% of Employees Don’t Trust Their Leaders

Have you ever wondered about the state of modern leadership? There are many published articles covering the importance of trust in a workplace, how distrust can cost your company, and how to improve trust levels within your business, but are you fully aware of just how many employees trust their managers?

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