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Warren White is the Principal and Founder of Humanus LLC. Warren possesses more than a decade of experience providing strategic guidance and expertise to individuals and organizations. Warren is skilled at helping individuals successfully navigate the job search process, and thanks to years of experience as a human resources professional, he has the ability to provide clients with an employer's viewpoint on what skills are most desirable and useful insight into how recruiters & hiring managers think.

Website: https://www.rebelmouse.com/warrencwhite/

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4 Essentials For Any Interview

4 Essentials For Any Interview

Scenario #1: The person you were originally scheduled to meet with is stuck in traffic, and now you’re meeting with one of the managers on her team—and he doesn’t have a copy of your resume. Scenario #2: The hiring manager unexpectedly asks 3 members of his team to...
The Psychology of Unemployment

The Psychology of Unemployment

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.5 million people fall into the category of the long-term unemployed—defined as those individuals who have not had a job for 27 or more weeks.  To put this into greater perspective, the long-term unemployed make...
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