Police Officers Need a Second Career Plan

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Police Officers Need a Second Career Plan

Posted on October 8th, by John Eldridge in education/training. No Comments

There’s life after police work. A lot of my friends went on to second careers when their police careers ended. Some stayed in the investigations field and became private investigators or security specialists. Others wanted to try something completely different and found careers in business. Several became realtors. A couple wrote books. One went into … Read More »

Engaging Citizens on Social Media: Show Some Personality!

Posted on October 8th, by Staci Zavattaro in About the Public Sector. No Comments

Ask any social media manager for a government agency what works, and you will likely get this question in return: “Works for what purpose?” There are many reasons government agencies might turn toward social media to communicate with citizens: emergency communications, event updates, meeting announcements, etc. The problem many agencies have is a valid one … Read More »

7 Education Tips for Public Sector Careers

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When Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” he could have been referring to the career path of a public sector worker. Public service jobs address complex issues and require higher learning. Read these tips to create a well-developed strategy to find the best college … Read More »

The Integration of Technology in Government

Posted on September 12th, by Marc Plooster in About the Public Sector. No Comments

The ushering in of the information age from the industrial age was supposed to allow an individual to live anywhere and remain a productive member of society.  This meant that someone could, if they found it desirable, live in the forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and through the use of telecommunications, work in … Read More »

Information Governance Insights: WTF (Where’s The File)

Posted on September 10th, by Robin Woolen in About the Public Sector. No Comments

In last month’s article we started on the first of The Four “Ws” of Information Governance which are:

What are your information assets?Where are they located?

When can you dispose of them?

Who manages them and has access to them?

Once you have identified your Information Assets the next logical step is to document exactly where they are. I … Read More »

Economic Advancement of Women

Posted on September 10th, by Valerie Martinelli in eligibility/hiring issues. No Comments

Women compose over half of the world’s population, however, our contributions to measured economic activity, growth, and security remains considerably below its potential. The challenges of growth, job creation, and involvement are all closely interconnected. Growth and stability are essential in order to give women the necessary opportunities, however, our participation within the labor market … Read More »

We Are the World

Posted on September 6th, by Liam Ryan in education/training. 1 Comment

When I was asked to submit a piece for this month, I wasn’t quite sure what it was going to be. But by the time I managed to sit down to begin there appeared to be only one topic I could write about.

Sometimes a single image can capture the attention of the entire world. For … Read More »

Higher Education and the Changing Paradigms

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As the world entered the 21st century, it witnessed huge changes and massive alterations. Political upheavals, economic changes and technological advancement transformed the face of Earth. The changes were so rapid and the transformations so swift that historians find it hard to chronicle the happenings which occurred in such a short period of time.

Quite surprisingly, … Read More »

How To Be A Career Time Traveler

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You might be asked to articulate your career journey when seeking a new job or you may be exploring a new direction. It can be difficult picking out the significant and relevant moments, whether you have been employed in many jobs or only a few. You may feel positive or negative or have no strong … Read More »

Military Educational Funding and How to Find It

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Are you in the military or about to leave it?  Have you given any thought to your educational opportunities?  It’s all about funding, isn’t it?  No matter if you’re active duty, a reservist, or a discharged or retired veteran, funding an education can be the roughest part of getting one.  Thankfully, there are resources to … Read More »