productivity.runyanBeing able to make TIME to complete all of your tasks and make your visions happen is one of your most crucial skills as a LEADER. That’s the difference between being a “hamster on a wheel” versus finishing that big project. As a leader, how you manage your time definitely affects the overall productivity of your entire team. So that is why I wanted to share this important topic first. If you can’t manage your time well, there’s a big tendency that you will not be able to manage your career satisfaction, leadership strengths or relationships in the office. It is the focal point of everything else that you do.

Here are my 8 time management and productivity strategies to balance your workweek:

1)   Delegate. You need to start delegating your tasks to other people as much as possible, like getting an assistant to help you. And if you’re doing work for someone else, make a list of those things that are not officially included in your work so the next time someone asks you to complete them you can say no.

2)   Create a peaceful workplace. One important thing that will help you increase your productivity at work is when you enjoy where you work. This could mean making home office you love where you can catch up on things when you are home or breaking away to a coffee shop for an hour a day to knock out those emails. It can also mean organizing your desk that’s making you feel overwhelmed.

3)   Take breaks. Sometimes it’s really tempting to not take breaks and just eat your lunch at your desk but don’t fall into this temptation. Make sure to grab 10-15 minutes break to think about something else will make you feel refreshed and focused when you some back.

4)   Know your most productive time. When do you think you work best? Are you someone who jump out of bed with energy ready to work on that project or someone who get ideas and “flow” in the middle of the night? Use your most productive time to do your most important work.

5)   Fend off the time wasters. Turn off anything that could distract you, whether it is your automatic incoming email notification or your social media updates, you need to be able to focus. After an interruption, it takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task. So think of how much time you can save by eliminating your distractions!

6)   Work on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is something everyone does these days but Multi-tasking doesn’t work. You need to stay focus on the most important thing that needs to get done and then start checking things off your list.

7)   Schedule downtime. Give your brain a break. You will not be your best if you are constantly working. Go for a run or swim. You will actually have more and better ideas about how to handle some of your work problems while you are in the shower, watching TV or exercising. Make sure you make room in your schedule to focus on other things that are important to you.

8)   Let go of what doesn’t matter. Done is better that perfect. Don’t worry too much about the details. Stay focused on your big goals.

This article was written by Anna Runyan, Leadership Coach and Founder of Anna is also the author of the brand new book, The Professional Woman’s Guide to Managing Men.   Anna helps professional women upgrade their leadership and accelerate their career success.

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