resume.serviceDo you really see yourself the way a potential employer sees you? It is very difficult to see yourself clearly and a resume that you put together by yourself will only show the things you see, not all that is really there. A professional resume service, on the other hand, can open your eyes to all the assets you bring to the interview table.

Have you ever looked at a photo of your home and suddenly seen clutter? This is a common technique to help people see the stuff in their house or office that they are blind to. It works because we become accustomed to things and begin to ignore them. The photo is a new way of looking at that room, and it opens our brain’s eye to what is actually there…but we had stopped seeing it.

In the same way, a resume writing service “takes a photo” of your experience, knowledge, and all the skills accumulated. You probably have become blind to things a professional resume writer knows can be important. During a consultation you’ll be asked to provide information on all that might help give an accurate picture of who you are to an employer.

A professional resume service has experience and perspective from writing many resumes for successful job seekers. They know what works and what doesn’t in today’s job market and can pass that wisdom on to you. Things you might want to pass over quickly might need a closer look to explain gaps to a questioning interviewer. They know how to portray all the positives that are in any work history. A writer works with you and for you; you have the final say about your resume, what it contains, and how it is distributed.

Your future is worth investing in an accurate picture of yourself on your resume. Utilizing a professional resume service will give you a professionally written resume and the potential to have it distributed beyond your ability. It’s like having a portrait taken by a professional photographer instead of drawing your face from memory.

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