Ultimate Gratitude

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There can never be enough gratitude in the world. After I survived my cancer ordeal I had a lot of people to thank. And my greatest source of guilt by then was how little I had known about what people in the medical world do. Now I will never let myself forget again. I now … Read More »

Be a Strong Collaborator

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By Kristen Carter, M.Ed., GCDF

Contributor, Senior Career Exploration Specialist

Whether in college or your current job, we have all been tasked to work on a group project or serve on a cross-functional committee. Initially, it’s essential to know the required task, but it’s common to be curious about the other group participants. Being able to produce … Read More »

Work Where the Human Spirit Goes to Die

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What’s your work environment like? Inspiring? Frustrating? Dull? Engaging? Is the only metric that matters “employee productivity?”

Studies have shown workplaces are often dismal places to be for us humans.

24/7 Wall Street identified 2016’s worst companies to work for by analyzing employee ratings on Glassdoor.com. The worst three? Forever 21, Family Dollar, and Express Scripts each … Read More »

Leadership Lessons from a Badly Played Hand of Cards

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In the midst of the card game, I was focused on the goal of building a particular hand– a set of five with a set of three. I already had the set of three, using two 2’s and one wild card as a stand in for the third 2. Now I was working on the … Read More »