Climb Your Mountain

Posted on January 8th, by Liam Ryan in Career Advice. No Comments

I have always liked the analogy of a mountain, for life.

Mountains are great things. They are unique. They are serene and solemn and strong. They are spectacular, both from the bottom as you look forward and the top as you look back.

But a mountain is never easily mastered.

All of us have a mountain to climb … Read More »

Women’s Leadership: Challenging Our Social Norms

Posted on January 8th, by Valerie Martinelli in About the Public Sector. No Comments

Women are equally qualified for leadership positions as their male counterparts, however, less of us continue to fill political and corporate leadership positions. Most Americans find women indistinguishable from men on key leadership traits such as the capacity for innovation and intelligence. Some believe that women make stronger leaders than men because we are more … Read More »

Of Bridges and Connections

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Life can often be described as a set of imperfect parts that occasionally come together in a perfect opportunity.  In many cases, those opportunities are natural, uninfluenced and easily acted upon for all involved as a way to bring together two or more otherwise independent elements together for something greater.

In some instances, the opportunity to … Read More »

Sixteen Goals for 2016

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When we are in the middle of turbulence, we look for the smooth patch of air. That’s exactly what I saw a client do back in 2010 when the organization seemed to be stretching itself to the limits.

City of Richland, WA City Manager Cindy Johnson was under pressure to produce a seemingly endless list of … Read More »