These Six Projects Are Transforming Downtown Denver and Beyond

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Six transformational projects, businesses, and initiatives are revolutionizing Downtown Denver, making a significant impact in the way Coloradans live, work, and play. Bringing a massive influx of jobs, affordable housing, recreation and public space access, entertainment venues, research and education opportunities, the integration of new development and technology with Denver’s historical beauty, and a welcoming transportation system that connects Downtown to other areas of the city, the six award-winners are strengthening the economy in Denver and drawing small and large businesses, skilled professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

The six projects were recognized by the Downtown Denver Partnership on April 17, 2018, for their contributions to the heart of the Mile High City. More than 1,000 Denver businesses and civic leaders attended the annual black-tie event that was held at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. The honorees were selected by an awards jury that was tasked with performing interviews, attending presentations, making site visits, and conducting extensive research to choose the winners who have made significant contributions to the economic vitality of the city center.  

At the event gala Tuesday night, President and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership Tami Door said, “Tonight’s 57th annual Downtown Denver Awards Dinner is about the brave, bold, risk -takers who have shaped our city.”

The winners who were showcased at the event include:

Shoemaker Plaza at Confluence Park Reconstruction

Completed in 2017, the plaza sits in the heart of Denver’s center city and is located alongside the banks of the South Platte River and Cherry Creek. The project creates public access space that enables Denver residents and visitors alike to gather with friends and family members to relax, refresh, and reconnect. The innovative redesign of the space builds on the spirit of the 1974 version of Shoemaker Plaza, while featuring vibrant gathering spaces, improving the flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and offering improved access to the river and the many hidden treasures surrounding historical birthplace of Denver.

The Ashley Union Station

Nestled in the popular (and pricey) Union Station neighborhood, the property is the first of its kind in the area. A beautiful property that is all about affordability, convenience and diversity, the development is income regulated to enable people who work in the many boutiques, restaurants and stores to live in this highly desirable location that’s close to their jobs.

The Le Meridien / AC Hotel

Enhancing Denver’s unique culture, the project has made a massive impact on the economy in the city. Bringing in more than 300 jobs to the Central Business District, Le Meridien / AC Hotel has also drawn inbound management positions from across the nation. In its first 109 days of operation, the hotel brought more than $1 million to the local economy. An attraction for residents of Denver and hotel guests alike, the complex features an abundance of amenities including food and beverage venues and a dynamic meeting space.

Aerospace and Engineering Sciences initiative at Metropolitan State University of Denver

With an impressive 117,000 square feet of learning space, the building is host to students from all over the country who are pursuing training in aerospace science and advanced manufacturing. The initiative emphasizes merging the private and public sectors with the the Public-Private Partnership-focused Enterprise Floor that houses four advanced manufacturing businesses. Each company has agreed to allow for student internships, jobs, and joint research projects.

Rocky Mountain Seed Buildings

At the corner of 15th and Market, the Rocky Mountain Seed Buildings welcome people to the Lower Downtown Neighborhood. Housing the GoSpotCheck Headquarters, which represents a $5.1 million investment, it contributed to the preservation of Historical Denver while integrating innovation and technology.

Union Station Block A

Two new buildings that enhance the pedestrian experience while improving the flow of people traffic, Union Station Block A features two prominent pedestrian ways that allow for easy access to locally managed restaurants and a hotel lobby. Union Station Neighborhood is arranged around a $0.5 billion train station. The hub of an impressive $12 billion transit system that connects Denver’s metropolitan area to its historic center, the enhancements add a vibrant touch as visitors arrive in Denver’s central core.

As leading-edge businesses, state-of-the-art designs, and innovative initiatives and projects contribute to the heart of the Mile High City, small and large businesses, skilled professionals and entrepreneurs alike are drawn to Denver to share in creating the city’s vision for a brighter, more successful tomorrow.

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