City of West Sacramento

California's Golden Dream is thriving in one of its newest cities. Incorporated in 1987, West Sacramento is a city designed and ready for business in the 90s. Yet its history dates back more than 100 years.

Like its cross-river neighbor, West Sacramento was first settled during the Gold Rush era. The early settlers soon learned that the real gold in the area was the incredibly rich delta soil deposited over the centuries by the Sacramento and the American Rivers. By the turn of the century the central valley of California was recognized as one of the premiere agricultural areas of the world. As Sacramento grew into a major city, West Sacramento, which was separated by the Sacramento River and a county line, retained its small town character and industrial base.

Today, West Sacramento is at the crossroads of California. Featuring its own deepwater port, two interstate highways, major North/South and East/West rail lines and a commercial airport nearby, West Sacramento is well connected to the Pacific Rim and the rest of the nation. And just a literal stone's throw away is downtown Sacramento, the seat of the government for the 6th largest economy in the world. Being a part of the Greater Sacramento community, we're on everyone's list as one of the fastest growing and most livable areas in the country.

Yet West Sacramento offers something that can no longer be found in many of California's cities - affordable land and housing. The average home cost is less than half of what a comparable home costs in metropolitan areas as little as 80 miles away. There is a small town atmosphere in West Sacramento, with traditional values and a healthy respect for business and industry.

Come to West Sacramento. Meet the people. See the land. You'll agree the climate is right for you!


1 job(s) at City of West Sacramento

City of West Sacramento 1110 West Capitol Avenue, West Sacramento, CA, USA
May 13, 2020
Full Time
DEFINITION:  The Police Recruit is a recruiting and training level classification used for candidates qualified to learn the duties of a Police Officer in the West Sacramento Police Department. The Police Recruit at step "A" participates in basic law enforcement training, gains an understanding of police procedures, law enforcement techniques, first aid, and acquires physical and emotional skills needed to successfully complete the police academy, and may perform non-sworn, non-hazardous duties in support of a variety of police operations. The Police Recruit at step "B" attends a designated California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) approved Police Academy to receive basic training in law enforcement, police procedures, first aid and physical fitness.  The Police Recruit is an at-will position that is appointed by and sits at the pleasure of the City Manager.  Police Recruits who fail to successfully complete the Basic P.O.S.T. Police Academy will be terminated.   SUPERVISION RECEIVED AND EXERCISED:   The Police Recruit receives general direction from higher level Police Department personnel, both sworn and civilian, and P.O.S.T. Academy staff. No direct supervision of staff is exercised.   CLASS CHARACTERISTICS:   Police Recruits at step "A"  undergo a formal, comprehensive training program to prepare for performing non-sworn, non-hazardous duties in support of police operations in preparation for the police academy. This level is used to recruit and train individuals prior to attendance of a police academy.   Upon attendance of the Academy, the Police Recruit will move to step "B". Upon satisfactory completion of the training and graduation from the Academy, the Police Recruit at step "B" is eligible for probationary appointment to the journey-level classification of Police Officer, and is assigned full police authority to carry out the enforcement of laws and ordinances in the City of West Sacramento.