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From its inception,Careers In Government has been committed to creating fruitful relationships betweeen job seekers and government and public sector employers. We leverage the latest technology and innovations to ensure that qualified condidates are matched to the right agencies. CIG is the perfect platform for government employers and job seekers to connect. We understand the recruitment needs of government agencies and make it easy for job seekers to apply for these jobs. Our system is built to cater to these needs and to make the job seeker and employer experience as seamless as possible.

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Careers In Government is the oldest and largest job board and career resource center dedicated to the public sector. Since 1996, we have learned a lot about how the public sector hires as well as what job seekers desiring to work in the public sector are looking for. As these needs evolve throughout the years, we continue to optimize our site to ensure those needs are net. Our job search functionalities are tailored to government jobs like having the ability to list your skill sets and certification(s). CIG is a dedicated platform with a proven track record of excellence.


CIG is a free platform for job seekers interested in government jobs to search various potential emplopyers, learn about each one through their profile pages and location spotlights, look through the job opportunities, and apply to jobs. It is very easy to register and use the platform. Registration, creating a professional profile, uploading your resume, and accessing the career tools is simple.


Careers In Government gives you access to search through thousands of public sector job opportunities. We also make it easy for potential employers to find you, review your profile and resume, as well as having the ability to review your skill sets and any certifications you may have and invite you to apply for employment opportunities.

Have you lost your job to COVID? Note it on your profile and we’ll promote your resume to hundreds of employers.

Career Services

You will also have access to special career development consulting provided by our phenomenal career expert Valerie Martinelli and her team. This renowned career coach offers job seekers her Premium service at incredibly affordable rates through the Careers In Government platform. These services include:

  • Resume rewrite and optimization
  • Federal Resumes
  • LinkedIn profile update and optimization
  • Creation of Cover Letters

Valerie’s consulting services yield results that can transform your mindset and shape your future by helping you to understand your value proposition, stand out from the competition in the job market, and improve your career trajectory. Click below to get started!

Career Development

At Careers In Government, we want you to grow throughout your working career – this is the primary reason we prioritize job seeker resources and tools.

One of the most recent tools you can use to increase your chances of landing your dream job is our Resume Evaluation. This free resume review can give you the boost you need to land a perfect job. If you need special attention, then Priority Resume Posting may be the perfect option for you.

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