Culture Change and Its Quickly Changing Dynamics

One of the most significant characteristics to consider when accepting or rejecting a job offer is the workplace culture. Unlike other characteristics, workplace culture can change quickly whenever there is a change in management personnel.

The Insider Secrets to Launching a Superior Personal Brand

Last month I started to dive into personal branding. However, how can job seekers create a great personal brand? Let’s discuss where and how you can start as well as maintaining consistency.

Connecting What to Why: A Critical Component of Employee Engagement

Even if you think your team SHOULD know the why behind your what, it’s worth quick check to be sure they really understand. Doing work without knowing why, is the shortest path to disengagement.

Career Moves: Where Do You Want to Be?

It’s often tempting in life to do what’s easiest and in front of us rather than stepping back to take a wider and more considered view. Doing something, anything, can feel better than nothing at all. Although tactics may get you somewhere, however, is it where you want to be?

7 Leadership Rules for Gaining More Influence

It can be lonely at the top. When we are in a position of leadership, we can find it difficult to share our struggles. If we share our challenges with those that report to us, it can seem like a weakness in our leadership ability.

Service and Sacrifice: When Thanks Are Backed By Action

Did you know that anyone who enlists in the US military the first time incurs an eight-year service commitment? A recruit might sign a two- or four-year active duty contract; after their active duty period ends, they engage in active or inactive reserve duty for the remainder of that 8-year commitment, whether having been drafted or having volunteered into service.

50 Ways to Love Your Leader

Many of us will remember a catchy tune by Paul Simon from the 1970’s called, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. As I listened to it in my car yesterday during my commute, I found myself actively thinking about trying to follow along with the song as I pondered some strong themes in how we can support those who lead us.

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My 5 Pillars of Resolve

Many people have asked me what goes through your head in the middle of an extreme cancer battle. Where did I find the resolve to keep going when everything looked so dark? And did I take anything from the experience that I still apply in my life today?

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