It’s About Time!

The first thing to consider is a change in mindset. Very little will change, if the mindset that has been driving the imbalance remains unchallenged.

How Modern Companies Accommodate Flexibility

In 2018, flexibility is king. If you want to attract and retain millennials (not to mention Gen Zers), companies need to readdress their office processes and performance management systems.

The Rolodex of Experience

“Every time we are asked to help, we need to flip through the rolodex of our experiences to get to an idea of what we can offer…”

Relating to Your Staff: What a Two Year Old Can Teach You

Today, email, Twitter, Instant Messenger, LinkedIn messages and more are a predominant form of communication. However, the insightful leader understands the importance of relating person to person.

Fulfilling Role Demands Without Compromising Values

Sometimes people choose very distinct personas – that is, they choose to play a particular role for a period of time (or even their whole careers)

How to Write a Resume for a Correctional Officer Position

If you are adept at making quick decisions, physically fit, and able to maintain your cool in stressful and even dangerous situations, then a career as a correctional officer may be worth considering. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for the estimated 450,000 correction officers in the United States is $43,540.

How to Make A Superior Candidate Experience

Frequently I will hear my clients complain about the same thing- when they send in a resume or application and never heard back from a potential employer. Ghosting is a phenomenon that has taken over hiring and recruiting. For those of you that are unclear, ghosting is the practice of ending a relationship by suddenly withdrawing from all means of communication without an explanation.

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Information Governance Insights: FAQ – Cybersecurity

If you’ve been working in the Information Governance field for a while there are certain questions that continue to pop up. Some you will have a standard answer for and some that will change over time as technology or best practices evolve. In this article I would like to continue the series and give you another question and how I answer it so you can be ready for them as well.

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