7 Things Your Rock-Star Employees Want to Hear You Say

Not every high-performer is looking to be promoted. And that’s fine. You need rock stars in every role. But every high-performer is human and longs for appreciation, connection, and wants to be heard. It’s so easy to direct our attention to the folks who need our help the most. Be sure to pay attention to your top 20% as well.

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Forget Time Management. Try This Instead.

Let’s face it: How many of us really want to be the passenger on an airplane with an exhausted, pilot at the helm? When you’re in a leadership role, managing your own energy is vital to your ability to impact and influence others.
We are busy.

In fact, we’re busier than we’ve ever been.

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How an “Off-Kilter” Day Still Turned Out Okay

It was a Monday. The day of the week I typically plan to be a high productivity day to power through client and personal responsibilities. However, this one was not starting out that way.

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Workplace Culture

There is something important to consider when selecting a job, key to remaining happy in a job, and part of many decisions to stay or leave a job. I am, of course, talking about workplace culture.

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3 Ways to Become Financially Fit

If you apply for a job and you get that job, that company can only guarantee you today’s wages. But, if you create your own job, you can guarantee whatever wage you want for yourself.

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How to Improve the Emerging Culture of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can range from persistent offensive sexual jokes to inappropriate touching to posting offensive material in the workplace. Sexual harassment at work is a significant issue and can happen to both women and men.

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Attending College as an Adult

Attending College as an Adult JEFF BARISON MatchCollege is a comprehensive website for seekers of higher education providing information on over 6,500 colleges and universities in the United States A substantive shift has taken place over the last two decades with...

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Looking Back to Look Forward

Looking Back to Look Forward LIAM RYAN   Former Liverpool architect and author of Cancer 4 Me 5 Sometimes, in an effort to identify the direction I feel my life should take, I momentarily project myself forward to the end, and look back. I try to establish what the...

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Management is Everything

Management is Everything JEFFREY MORGAN President of e-volve IT Services.  Jeffrey has been providing independent consulting services to County and Municipal agencies since 1993. With 24 years of consulting for county and municipal government under my belt, the hiring...

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Should We Grab Coffee Sometime?

Should We Grab Coffee Sometime? BETH BEUTLER Beth Beutler is the founder and executive director of HOPE Unlimited. “Let’s grab coffee sometime.”  Should We? “We should grab coffee.” How do you respond when someone suggests that? Do you add the coffee appointment to...

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