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Contra Costa County Martinez, CA, USA
Dec 06, 2021
Full Time
The Director of Employment & Human Services operationally reports to the CAO, with the Board of Supervisors serving as the appointing authority for the position. The Director is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, and directing all public assistance activities and human services provided by EHSD. This includes developing and administrating the annual budget; providing recommendations, proposals, program requirements and general informational updates to the CAO and Board of Supervisors; and representing the County to various state and county entities regarding human service programs. The return of staff members to the workplace following the pandemic requirement to work from home, and mandatory vaccination requirements for employment are immediate focus for this role. Ongoing financial considerations will also be a compelling issue as program budgets have been augmented by ARPA funds in providing additional critical services for the community. ARPA will sunset in 2024 requiring alternative methods to address this diminishing funding stream for those community needs. Expanding organizational capacity remains a priority.