City of Inglewood

The City of Inglewood is nestled in Southern California's South Bay, just 8 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The 9-square mile city has a population of 120,000, and is located near the LAX airport, Harbor and major freeways. Inglewood is home to the Forum, two major hospitals and many beautiful park facilities. Soon to be home of the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and 2021 SuperBowl. 

The City employs over 525 full-time staff to include a full service Police Department. The City Council is comprised of an elected Mayor and 4 Councilmembers. The City's annual operating budget is in excess of $200 million.

2 job(s) at City of Inglewood

City of Inglewood Inglewood, CA, USA
May 25, 2018
Full Time
Ensures public safety and preservation of property through enforcement of building codes and standards, state laws and local ordinances; Documents and write reports regarding findings on inspections; Provides recommendations for correction of defects or inadequacies, code interpretations and other essential information to contractors and the general public; Investigates complaints and inspects existing buildings for hazardous or illegal conditions; Schedules building inspections with property owners; Issues code violations to property owners if proper permits are not found and maintains records of complaint; Prepares residential presale reports to verify structures were built according to plans and permits;
City of Inglewood Inglewood, CA, United States
Aug 29, 2017
Full Time
Inspects, diagnoses, repairs, overhauls and replaces systems and components including but not limited to:  brakes, engines transmissions, air conditioning, exhaust and electrical systems, diesel, gasoline, and alternative fueling systems (e.g. Compressed Natural Gas [CNG], propane, and bio-fuel), hybrid and electric drive systems, emissions; automotive and truck hydraulic systems; and related computer-controlled components; Conducts vehicle safety inspection and performs routine and preventive maintenance on vehicles and various equipment;  Inputs data for electronic documentation and records of repairs and maintenance to include maintaining and/or assisting in maintaining parts inventory;  Performs all tire maintenance functions including dismounting, repairing, remounting and balancing of various tires in service on City equipment; Responds to road calls and performs on-site diagnostics and repairs on vehicles and equipment. Fabricates and installs a variety of parts and equipment and performs minor welding; Maintains and cleans tools and work areas and disposes hazardous waste in accordance with City guidelines; Keeps current with new technology and participates in various training activities. Follows applicable safety rules and regulation, and performs other job-related duties as assigned.