Traffic Sign/Marking Technician

  • City of Grand Prairie, TX
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Mar 13, 2019
Full Time Engineering Information Technology and Communication Services
  • Salary: $28,672.80 - $43,792.32 Annually

Job Description

Job Summary

The purpose of this position is to ensure the safety of the City's streets and roadways.This is accomplished by installing and maintaining traffic signs, pavement markings and other traffic control devices.Other duties include completing on call duty for emergencies and interacting with other City employees and the general public.

Essential Job Functions

  • Maintains and installs traffic signs by obtaining work orders; installing overhead street markers using necessary equipment and placing posts and signs throughout the City.
  • Maintains and installs pavement markings by using thermoplastic tape, paint and other supplies; inputting markings for railroad crossings; re-stripping roadways and installing crosswalks and stop bars.
  • Monitors inventory levels to ensure that the stock inventory for markings are updated and full.
  • Ensures the cleanliness of vehicles by maintaining vehicles and keeping the vehicle adequately fueled and stocked for each day of use.
  • Monitors phone calls by receiving calls and responding to emergency situations such as sign knockdown or replacement as needed.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Work requires knowledge of a specific vocational, administrative, or technical nature which may be obtained with six months/one year of advanced study or training past the high school equivalency.Junior college, vocational, business, technical or correspondence schools are likely sources.Appropriate certification may be awarded upon satisfactory completion of advanced study or training.
  • Under and including one year related experience.
  • Must be able to obtain an IMSA Work Zone Certification as well as IMSA Signs and Markings Level I Certification within one year of employment.
  • Class C driver's license required. After hire date, a class B CDL must be obtained within one year of employment.
  • Ability to recognize meaning of common two- or three-syllable words.Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
  • Ability to deal with system of real numbers; practical application of fractions, percentages, ratios/proportions and measurement. Ordinarily, such education is obtained in high school up to college. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
  • Ability to write simple sentences containing subject, verb, and object, and/or series of numbers, names, and addresses.Ordinarily, such education is obtained in elementary school up to high school. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study.
  • The employee normally performs the duty assignment after receiving general instructions as to methods, procedures, and desired end results with some discretion when making selections among a few, easily identifiable choices. Assignment is reviewed upon completion.
  • No responsibility for the direction or supervision of others.
  • Normal tasks require use of definite procedures, with little deviation.Work requires little or no analysis or judgment.
  • Discussion Occasional:20% or less of work time.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Special Instructions