• San Lorenzo Unified School District
  • San Lorenzo, California
  • Jun 01, 2020
Full Time Education and Training
  • Salary: $19.79 - $24.12 Hourly USD

Job Description

Under the direction of an assigned administrator, perform a variety of instructional support duties involved in providing instructional assistance to individuals and small groups of special education students with mild to moderate disabilities; perform a variety of clerical duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:
Assist with the development, preparation, and reinforcement of learning materials and in the performance of other instructional activities for assigned special education program; assist assigned teacher with the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs); provide input into the development of individual educational goals and objectives as assigned.

Accompany students to regular education classrooms; adapt and modify lessons or materials to meet the individual needs of the students.

Confer with teachers concerning programs and materials to meet student needs; notify teacher of any special problems or information concerning students.

Assist staff with the preparation of instructional and testing materials; administer and score tests; assist in the preparation of graphic and written teaching materials; assist in the ordering of instructional materials and aids as necessary.

Assist individual or small groups of students with academic, social skills and the achievement of IEP goals; reinforce instruction to individuals or small groups in a variety of subjects; develop creative methods and techniques for working with students within the suggested framework of the teacher; review plans with the teacher to ensure correct teaching techniques are being utilized for each student.

Assist in evaluating student progress in a wide variety of skills; correct papers; report progress regarding student performance and behavior to the teacher; assist staff in administering assessment tests as assigned by the position.

Observe and manage behavior and safety of students according to approved procedures; assist in maintaining order among the students in the classroom and on the school grounds; field/community trips; accompany students going from one location to another; escort students to the restroom; accompany student to and from the bus.

Record information, data compiling and maintaining records and files, on student performance.

Provide support to the teacher by setting up work areas, displays, and exhibits, operating audiovisual equipment and educational training equipment, distributing and collecting papers and supplies, preparing bulletin board materials, and decorating the classroom; assist in main-taining a neat, orderly, and attractive learning environment.

Operate a variety of standard office equipment including a telephone, copier, computer and assigned software.

Provide routine first aid to injured students according to established procedures as needed.

Other related duties as assigned.


Child guidance principles and practices related to children with special education needs.
Basic subjects taught in schools.
Correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Modern instructional equipment, practices and techniques.
Basic record keeping procedures.
General methods of education and tutoring.
General needs, learning styles, and behavior of students.
Basic child development theory and principles.
Basic techniques to motivate students and manage student behavior.
Safe work practices.
Basic first aid and CPR techniques.

Reinforce instruction to individual or small groups of special education students as directed by the teacher.
Assist in the preparation of instructional materials and implementation of individual education plans.
Assist with the instructional and related activities of the assigned learning environment.
Support the assigned teacher's style of classroom management.
Supervise students according to approved policies and procedures.
Operate modern instructional equipment including computer equipment.
Learn the procedures and functions necessary to perform assigned duties.
Learn instructional terminology, program philosophies, concepts, materials, methods, and procedures.
Learn child guidance principles and practices.
Interact effectively and sensitively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Maintain accurate records.
Maintain confidentiality of student and school information.
Demonstrate an understanding, patient, and receptive attitude toward children.
Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Administer basic first aid and CPR as needed.

Education & Experience Requirements:
Any combination of education and/or experience equivalent to: High school diploma or equivalent and one year experience working with children in an educational environment.


Valid First Aid and CPR certificates issued by an authorized agency.
Must meet requirements specified under the Federal Accountability mandates.


Classroom environment. Indoor/outdoor

Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate standard office and classroom equipment.
Sitting or standing for extended periods of time.
Bending at the waist, kneeling or crouching to assist students.

Selection Process:
The examination process for this recruitment may be comprised of one or any combination of the following: screening of the applicant's training, background, and experience; scored evaluation of responses on a supplemental application; written examination(s); qualifications appraisal oral examination; performance examination; or technical oral examination, scored on a job-related basis. Only the most highly qualified candidates will be invited to continue in the examination process. Successful candidates who pass all parts of the examination process will be placed on the eligibility list in order of their relative merit as determined by these competitive examinations

Other Important information: The duration of the eligibility list is one (1) year unless extended by the Personnel Commission. The eligibility list from this recruitment will be used for full-time, part-time and limited term positions.

New employees to the district are placed on step A of the salary schedule. The maximum salary is reached after 3 ½ years of employment.

Recruitments that list Promotional and Open Competitive opportunities may result in one of the following: 1) a dual-certified list in which internal employees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District are awarded seniority points to their final passing score before placement on the eligibility list, or 2) two separate eligibility lists consisting of candidates on a promotional only list and an open list. In the latter case, candidates on the promotional list are referred to the hiring authority before candidates on the open. However, where less than three ranks exist on the promotional list, the open list will be utilized to complete a total of three ranks.


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