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  • State of Nevada
  • Carson City, Nevada
  • May 11, 2021
Full Time Administration and Management

Job Description

Announcement Number: 326222911

Kim Wallin, CPA, CPM, CFM
Brian Duffrin
Vice Chair
Yvonne Nevarez-Goodson, Esq.
Executive Director
Commission on Ethics 
Posted - January 25, 2021 
Recruitment Open To:
This is an unclassified, exempt position and is an open competitive recruitment, open to
all qualified applicants. The position is an at-will position, which is appointed by and
serves at the pleasure of the Nevada Commission on Ethics.
The Nevada Commission on Ethics provides confidential advisory opinions to public
officers and employees and responds to complaints from the public alleging violations of
the Ethics in Government Law (NRS Chapter 281A) by public officers and public
employees. The Commission also engages in outreach and education to the entire State,
providing its services to all State entities as well as counties, cities and other political
subdivisions throughout Nevada.
Up to $120,344 plus benefits. (Salary range reflects retirement (PERS) contributions by
both the employee and employer. An employer paid contribution plan is also available
with a reduced gross salary at $104,989.)
Please NOTE: The Nevada State Legislature requires State employees to take one
furlough day (8 hours) per month from January 1st through June 30th, 2021.
Position Location:
Carson City, Nevada. Travel is required. A valid driver's license or evidence of equivalent
mobility is required at the time of appointment and as a condition of continued
The Executive Director serves as the Commission's Administrator with four direct reports
(Associate Counsel, Investigator, Senior Legal Researcher, Executive Assistant). The
incumbent is responsible for developing and implementing the Commission's budget,
policies and procedures. As the Commission's spokesperson, the ED represents the
Commission in all public outreach. The ED is statutorily responsible for conducting
jurisdictional analyses, legal recommendations, investigations of ethics complaints and
serving as a party on behalf of the State to present evidence at adjudicatory hearings.
Statutes and regulations administered by this position are NRS and NAC Chapters 281A,
233B, 241 and 239, and all statutory requirements attributable to the Executive Budget
Graduation from an ABA accredited law school and active membership in the Nevada
State Bar Association is preferred. Must have experience with legal research,
investigations, legal analysis and memorandums, evidentiary standards and litigation.
See NRS. 281A.230.

Strong verbal and written communication skills; experience with conducting investigations;
administrative and supervisory experience; knowledge of the Nevada legislative process;
and government budgeting experience.

Superior legal research skills, flexible, well-organized and capable of working
independently with minimal supervision or support staff. Ability to investigate facts,
analyze applicable laws and prepare related legal memorandums.

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, including Outlook, Adobe and LexisNexis.

For further details please see job description below.

Submit the following:
4) THREE PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES, including their names and daytime telephone
numbers, and a brief description of your relationship.

*In your cover letter please indicate how you heard about the position. If you heard about
this position through a website, please specify which website.

Submit to:

Kari Pedroza
Executive Assistant
Nevada Commission on Ethics

Via email: k.pedroza@ethics.nv.gov

NOTE: This position is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the Nevada
Commission on Ethics. In accordance with the requirements of the Nevada Open
Meeting Law set forth in NRS Chapter 241, selected applicants will be interviewed in an
open, public meeting and their names will be identified on a public agenda.

Recruitment is open until filled.

The State of Nevada is an Equal Opportunity Employer. JOB DESCRIPTION

1. In coordination with Commission Counsel, prepare and coordinate Commission
meetings and administrative hearings, including agendas, scheduling and meeting
materials, and provide briefings of agency status and operations during
Commission meetings.
2. Confer with Commission Counsel regarding jurisdictional evaluations of all
requests for advisory opinions and ethics complaints.
3. Prepare written factual summaries, legal analysis and recommendations to the
Commission regarding jurisdiction to render advice or conduct investigations,
including proposed orders, notifications to parties, and proposed letters of caution
or instruction.
4. Supervise and/or conduct investigations of all Ethics Complaints against public
officers and employees, and prepare and/or review written recommendations to
Commission Review Panels regarding legal analysis of just and sufficient cause
for the Commission to hold hearings and render opinions.
5. Develop and prepare legal memoranda and/or presentations of Complaints in
hearings before the Commission and Commission panels, and/or supervise the
same by Associate Counsel, including discovery-related processes and the
development and presentation of legal motions and arguments, witness testimony
and evidentiary documents, and negotiate potential stipulations.

6. Develop and implement agency Strategic Plan, performance measures, internal
controls, policy manuals, standardized forms and procedures and periodic reports,
including the agency's Annual Report which is issued each July/August in
accordance with NAC 281A.180(2).
7. Communicate and work with Commission Chair to achieve agency goals and
8. Provide information to Commission members regarding ethics laws and ethics
commissions in other jurisdictions.
9. Make recommendations to the Commission and incorporate comments made by
Commissioners at hearings, regarding potential administrative policies and
10. Work with the Commission to develop legislative positions, coordinate lobbying
effort and recommend legislative reform(s) as approved by the Commission.
11. Work with Commission Counsel on legal issues as necessary.
12. Organize, oversee, and direct agency workflow to ensure policies, goals and
objectives are achieved.
13. Develop and implement specific agency goals and objectives through leadership
and consideration of staff input and feedback.
14. Prepare agency budget request for Commission and advocate for its approval with
Executive Branch agencies and Nevada Legislature.
15. Monitor agency budget to ensure compliance with appropriations.
16. Effectively hire, train, supervise and evaluate Commission staff.
17. Ensure agency operations are conducted in accordance with appropriate state
laws, regulations, and internal policies.
18. Maintain an open line of communication with staff and Commission Counsel.
19. Be available to the staff to ensure timely direction is provided, and duties are
cohesively performed in a coordinated manner.
20. Participate in required, State-sponsored management training programs.

21. Represent the Commission at the Nevada Legislature, government meetings, and
other meetings/events as necessary.
22. Act as Commission spokesperson for all media inquiries.
23. Promote understanding of Commission mission and statutory mandates through
interaction with legislators, government officials, and the public.
24. Provide training seminars to educate public officials and the public regarding
Nevada ethics law.
25. Maintain and regularly update Commission website, social media and other public
information tools.
26. Respond to requests for public documents in accordance with Commission's
Public Records' Policy.

27. Assist Commission Counsel in litigation before any local, state and federal courts, including legal research and drafting legal memoranda., including, without limitation, judicial review and appellate proceedings, except for matters that create conflicts related to status as a party in ethics complaint matters. 28. Conduct and/or supervise Associate Counsel in litigation related to ethics complaints.

29. In accordance with NRS 281A.230(4), the Executive Director may not participate
in any other employment.
30. Executive Director may not be actively involved in the work of any political
campaign or political party, or lobby any State or local government legislative body
other than on behalf of the Commission.

Closing Date/Time: Until recruitment needs are satisfied

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