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  • Jun 01, 2021
Part Time Human and Social Services
  • Salary: $20.00 - $25.00 Hourly USD

Job Description


The Facilitation/Mediation Specialist will conduct and facilitate parent education programs for general public; prepare recruitment materials for community activities and attend events; develop policies and procedures related to the department, manage documents through various phases including researching, drafting, reviewing, formatting, approval, posting and distribution.

Clark County Department of Family Services is accepting applications for Part Time Facilitation/Mediation Specialist.Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS) is the local public agency whose role is to help keep children safe. The agency was formed in July 2002 in response to the merger of state and county child welfare services.
Mission Statement
Protecting children from abuse and neglect by partnering with our community to build safe, nurturing and stable families, to support family preservation when possible, to provide permanent families for those children who cannot safely return home and to ensure the well-being of children in our care.

Please Note: Part-time employment will not lead to permanent employment. Part-time hourly employees are used to fill positions normally less than twenty (20) hours per week. Part-time employees do not receive benefits.


Education and Experience:

Facilitation/Mediation Specialist (Recruitment/Training, Policies & Procedures Units) Bachelor's Degree in one of the following areas: Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Child Development, Communications, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Education, Health Science, Human Services, Marketing, Nursing, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Science, Social Services, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education or a related field.

Facilitation/Mediation Specialist (Parenting Project Unit)
Sixty (60) semester hours of college-level course work with a minimum of 15 semester hours in a behavioral science, AND equivalent to two (2) years of experience teaching or working with groups. A four (4) year degree or higher may be substituted for one (1) year of work experience. Preferred Qualifications: Ability to speak read and write English and Spanish (bilingual).

In addition to the above: Two (2) years of full-time professional level experience providing protective casework/counseling services, assessments or treatment services in child welfare, social service, juvenile justice and/or residential setting.

Licensing and Certification:
Must possess a valid Nevada Class C driver's license at the time of appointment.

Background Investigation:
Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background investigation. Periodically after employment background investigations may be conducted. In order to work at the Department of Family Services, employees must not have any qualifying offense that violates the standards required by NRS 432B.198 and/or NRS 432B.199.

As indicated in NRS 432A.1773, any person hired to work in a licensed child care facility, who is responsible for the daily operations, administration or management of the child care facility must be at least 21 years of age.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing:

Employment is contingent upon the results of a pre-employment drug examination.

Working Conditions:
Work shifts may include day, swing shift, and weekends (including Holidays).


Recruitment/Training - $20.00/hr
Preparation of classroom to conduct Pre-Service training.
- Co-facilitate in the Professional Caregiver Pre-Service Training of new and potential foster families.
- Appropriately share lived experiences and applied foster parenting techniques with potential foster families.
- Knowledgeable of community resources and skilled at public speaking.
- Supportive of reunification to birth families.
- Currently Licensed or previous licensed foster family in good standing.
- Preparation of recruitment materials for community activities and attend community events.
- Assist with set up and preparation of classroom to conduct information session.
- Marketing or Public Relations experience preferred
- Create and execute recruitment plan.
- Relationship building with community Partnerships.
- Able to accurately apply national and local data to inform recruitment materials.
Policies and Procedures - $20.00/hour
- The position focus is managing all aspects of Resource Development and Policy & Procedure creation and Parenting Project.
- Managing entails tracking the document throughout various phases including researching, drafting, reviewing, formatting, approval, posting and distribution.
- Researching the content online, in existing documents, other jurisdictions etc.
- Facilitating group members such as Subject Matter Experts in completing Policy and Procedures, scribing the content from meetings, using a laptop and Smart Board,
- Creating useable documents such as; minutes, policy content, assignments, email templates, etc. in Word, SharePoint, Excel
- Provides document support (Clerical Assistant) such as formatting and scheduling meeting in Outlook.
- Provides assistance to the full time policy and procedure staff in order to research.
- Develop, modify and distribute policies and procedures relative to the department.
- Arrange meetings with appropriate internal and external stakeholders.
- Work closely with subject matter experts in order to ensure accuracy, needs and trends of policy development.
- Ensure timeliness of policy development, edit and review policies prior to finalization.
-May take lead role on assigned policy and may present such information to executive management.
- Skill set, organized, efficient, proficient in document sharing software, good customer service, proficient writing skills that meet the needs of policy development, conduct effective research, ability to work in groups and independently.
- Applicable laws, codes and regulations related to departmental operations, program, and activities; computer applications related to the work.
- Record keeping and report writing principles and practices; business practices and processes of the department; information technology principles, techniques and procedures for administrative and business applications.
- Characteristics of various computers and associated hardware. Job planning, prioritizing and scheduling techniques.
-Contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit's service to its customers by offering suggestions and directing or participating as an active member of a work team. Parenting Project (Facilitator III) - $20.00/hour
- Under the direct supervision of a Training Coordinator, conducts and facilitates parent education programs for the general public, court-referred individuals, and professional organizations.
- Responsible for presenting curriculum, experiential activities and facilitating group interaction as designed. Seeks direction and reports to Training Coordinator regarding process, procedures and program status.
- Knowledge of: basic principles of instruction; psycho-educational methods and techniques, group dynamics; family management and conflict resolution practices; family dynamics, including awareness of the role of culture in family life; techniques for dealing with a variety of socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds; community resources.
- Has the ability to absorb, comprehend and present training information in an effective and interactive manner from formal training and informal learning experiences.
- Demonstrates skill in applying training to presenting curriculum and facilitating program related content and experiential activities.
- Uses discussion, problem solving and professional judgment to independently facilitate programs at a variety of community locations. Meets program standards are consistently.
Parenting Project (Facilitator IV) - $23.00/hour
- Has formal documented training in 4-6 separate evidence-based parent education programs (attach certificates and/or accreditation documentation for each program).
Has 25-72 months of experience teaching evidence-based parent education programs having facilitated a minimum of 10 multi-session evidence-based programs annually during that time.
- Demonstrates advanced facilitation skills and parent education knowledge.
- Experienced in effectively working with a variety of parent population groups.
Parenting Project (Facilitator V) - $25.00/hour
- Has formal, documented training and experience in facilitating 7 or more separate evidence-based parent education programs (attach certificates and/or accreditation documentation for each program)
- Has 73 months or more of teaching evidence-based parent education programs on a regular basis having facilitated a minimum of 20 multi-session evidence-based programs annually during that time.
- Demonstrates advanced facilitation skills and parent education knowledge
- Experienced in effectively working with a variety of parenting populations and specialized groups.

Additional Responsibilities May Include:
- Use a variety of standard office equipment, including a computer in the course of the work.
- Utilizes a variety of software applications to create documents, maintain various spreadsheets, prepare a variety of materials for presentations, conduct research, and other related job functions, form and document design techniques.
- Use computer software applications to develop and modify of various systems.
- Attending program and staff development training, maintaining accurate records, ability to work with a variety of agencies and maintain effective working relationships.
- Ability to creatively problem solve, maintain professional behavior and boundaries when working with groups, effectively administer assessment tools, manage program paperwork, and meeting critical timelines.
- May serve as a program representative at speaking engagements, community outreach efforts and professional gatherings.


Mobility to work in a typical office setting and use standard office equipment, stamina to remain seated and maintain concentration for an extended period of time, vision to read printed materials and a computer screen, and hearing and speech to communicate in person or over the telephone. Accommodation may be made for some of these physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals who require and request such accommodation.
Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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