• Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jun 28, 2021
Full Time Human and Social Services Public Health
  • Salary: $25.48 - $42.62 Hourly USD

Job Description


Clark County is seeking qualified candidates to apply for the Family Services Specialist I/II position. Candidates from this recruitment will initially fill the Department of Family Services academy. This posting may be used to fill future vacancies in the Departments of Social Service and Juvenile Justice Services.

Clark County Department of Family Services is the local child welfare agency whose role it is to help keep children safe. The Family Services Specialist is an entry level position which performs a variety of professional child welfare and protection duties to support the safety, permanency and wellbeing of children. They perform various assessments and implement treatment and behavioral intervention techniques for clients that have been identified as abused, neglected and abandoned, behaviorally or emotionally impaired or medically fragile. Family Services Specialists will begin working in one of our three divisions: Hotline/Intake, CPS/NIA, or Permanency. In other jurisdictions this position may be considered a Social Worker.

The Family Services Specialist position for Clark County Social Service performs a variety of independent professional casework to assist with intervention and focus on achieving adult client self-sufficiency. The position conducts interviews with clients to obtain information for program/service eligibility. Assessments of the client's support systems are completed to implement a service plan by the Family Services Specialist. Based on client information and agency guidelines, a determination is made for programs and services, which include client participation in a case management program and interaction with co-workers, community partners and other professionals.

The Family Services Specialist position for the Department of Juvenile Justice Services performs a variety of independent professional assessment and casework to support youth with school attendance and achievement and assist the family unit with stabilization and functioning. The position conducts interviews with youth and their families in order to identify areas of need and develop responsive case plans. The approach is family-centered and strength-based and includes joining with families to establish positive working relationships.

Family Services Specialist I: $25.48 - $39.47 Hourly
Family Services Specialist II: $27.48 - $42.62 Hourly

Salary listed is effective July 24, 2021.

This examination will establish an Open Competitive and Promotional list to fill current and/or future vacancies that may occur within the next six (6) months at either level or may be extended as needed by the Office of Human Resources.

The Family Services Specialist I is a training underfill position: upon successful completion of the probationary period (520 hours worked to 2,080 hours worked) and the training program, which is up to two (2) years, the successful candidate will be non-competitively promoted to Family Services Specialist II.

Some positions may be Grant Funded. Grant Funded positions are subject to continuation based on availability of grant funds and the employee will be terminated without right of appeal when such funds are no longer available.

This recruitment may be used to fill term (Limited-Permanent) positions. The selected candidates will be hired for a special project or duties of a limited duration and be required to sign a term of employment letter specifying condition and exact dates of employment. The successful candidates will be eligible for benefits during the duration of employment.

The first group of applications meeting minimum qualifications will be invited to the 1st written examination scheduled for the week(s) of April 23, 2021 and/or May 3, 2021 (please note this date is subject to change). Those passing the written examination will be invited to interview the week(s) of May 17, 2021 and/or May 24, 2021 for the Department of Family Services.

Subsequent applications will be periodically screened for minimum qualifications and invited to future testing dates, which may vary.


This is an open and continuous recruitment; therefore, testing dates will vary depending on when the application was received and reviewed by Human Resources for meeting minimum qualifications.

There will be multiple parts to the examination process for the Family Services Specialist I/II position:

  • Written Examination - Must pass with a 70% or higher
  • Oral Board Interview - Varies based on department
Written Examination: Candidates meeting the minimum qualifications will be invited to participate in the written examination. Invitations will be sent out via e-mail. Specific dates of the examination will be determined by the date applications are received and reviewed for meeting minimum qualifications.

Candidates with a score of 70 and above on the Written Examination will be placed on the Eligibility List.

Oral Board Interview: Candidates placed on the Eligibility List will be notified via email if they are selected to interview for a department. Specific interview dates will be determined by the date application is received and reviewed for minimum qualifications and when the written examination was successfully completed.


Qualifying education and experience must be clearly documented in the "Education" and "Work Experience" sections of the application. Do not substitute a resume for your application or write "see attached resume" on your application.
Education and Experience:

Family Services Specialist I - Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Child Development, Psychology, Special Education, Behavioral Science, Counseling, Early Childhood Education, Health Science, Human Services, Education, Nursing, Criminal Justice, Social Services, Sociology, Public Administration, Business Administration, Communications, Marketing or Social Science.

Family Services Specialist II - In addition to the above: Two (2) years full-time experience providing protective casework/counseling services, assessments or treatment services in a child welfare, social service, juvenile justice and/or residential setting.

Working Conditions: Work under potentially abusive, hazardous or emergency conditions. May work evening, night, weekend and holiday shifts. Some positions may require possession of a personal vehicle, which may be used for work purposes.

Licensing and Certification: Must possess a valid Nevada Class C driver's license at time of appointment.

Background Investigation: Employment is contingent upon successful completion of a background investigation. Periodically after employment background investigations may be conducted. In order to work at the Department of Family Services, employees must not have any qualifying offense that violates the standards required by NRS 432B.198 and/or NRS 432B.199.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing: Employment is contingent upon the results of a pre-employment drug examination.


General Family Services Tasks Performed in All Positions

Drives a vehicle to transport children and/or family members, make home visits and other in-person contacts and to attend meetings; Some positions may require possession of a personal vehicle, which may be used for work purposes.

Participates on various multi-disciplinary teams regarding clients;

Contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the department's service to its clients by offering suggestions and directing or participating as an active member of a work team/unit/division;

Works in a typical human services, detention, or public safety setting;

Uses standard office equipment, reads printed materials and a computer screen, completes case notes, court reports and other written materials documenting the safety, permanency and wellbeing of youth, families, adults and/or seniors;

Communicates in person or over the telephone;

Understands techniques for dealing with a variety of individuals from various socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, often where relations may be confrontational or strained;

Interprets, applies, and explains applicable laws, codes, regulations to both clients and the general public;

Uses critical thinking skills to evaluate complex problems and alternatives;

Employs sound judgment consistent with various social work principles and practices when appropriate;

Works with the justice system and testifies in court;

Facilitates, supervises and documents parental and sibling visitation.

In the Department of Family Services , the Family Service Specialist I/II functions as a primary position to each unit in which it is assigned. Due to the diverse utilization of the position, incumbents in this classification may be assigned to any of the following units.

Child Protective Services (CPS) & Hotline

Takes, screens and documents incoming phone calls from various community sources regarding potential child abuse and/or neglect complaints;

Interviews children, parents, and family members, representatives from various agencies and others, in person and on the phone to obtain and verify pertinent information regarding potential child abuse and neglect referrals;

Assess immediate safety needs of children to include both their physical and mental health;

Arranges for immediate response to emergency calls, immediate removal and placement of children when warranted and collaboration with various Law Enforcement agencies.

Child Receiving/Placement

Receives children being admitted into protective custody, makes admission determinations and processes the admissions;

Assesses the immediate needs of children regarding physical and mental health;

Identifies relative and/or foster care placements for children.

Permanency Case Management (Out of Home, In-Home and Adoptions)

Provides on-going assessment of the future risk of harm to children and needed services to reduce the risks of future harm;

Plans for children, focusing on the goal of preserving their family, reunification, or achieving permanent placement in another family;

Provides services to families with child abuse and/or neglect issues in a variety of settings including family homes, foster care, adoptive homes, relative care and other alternative out-of-home placements;

Develops collaborative case plans with families and key parties to address barriers to child safety and revises plans with children and families;

Assists in meeting case plan goals and provides regular monitoring of case progress;

Makes referrals to community agencies and develops case strategies for short- and long-term assistance and problem resolution;

Performs crisis intervention when needed;

Provides various services to aid clients in promoting and achieving self-sufficiency when appropriate;

Assesses, secures and monitors financial resources for which clients have been deemed eligible to receive (i.e. Social Security...);

Identifies candidates for adoption planning and assists in successful case transition;

Conducts Home Studies to assess both stability and placement options for children being adopted;

Assists adoptive parents in understanding and supporting family connections (e.g. with siblings) of child/ren to be adopted;

Conducts post-placement visits after adoption.

Resource Development and Support

Identifies, evaluates, and secures appropriate alternative placements including foster homes, homes of relatives, group homes, and/or other alternative living arrangements;

Conducts foster parent licensing investigations to determine the validity, extent and urgency of child abuse and/or neglect complaints;

Assesses and licenses individuals and agencies who apply to provide care for children, such as foster parents;

Performs recruitment, training, and/or licensing of qualified foster families;

Assist in the on-going development of the recruitment and licensing process;

Coordinates, schedules and facilitates on-going foster care recruitment orientations and trainings for all new foster care families;

Interviews potential foster parents and teaches behavior modification and counseling techniques for children and families.

In the Social Service Department, the Family Services Specialist I/II conducts casework interviews with clients, family members, service providers, employers and others to obtain information for formulating program/service eligibility and case status;

Utilizes agency guidelines, state, and federal regulations to determine/confirm eligibility for programs and services;

Explains agency and program rules, regulations and procedures;

Assists clients in completing required forms and in gathering necessary documentation;

Identifies the social, economic and physical needs of clients;

Assesses the client's support systems, available community resources and other factors to plan, develop, and implement an appropriate service plan;

Refers clients to appropriate community medical, emotional, economic and social support organizations;

Advocates for or assists the client in obtaining needed services;

Provides basic intervention and client and family counseling as required;

Implements and provides the basic principles, policies, practices and procedures of social services,
Follows recognized and approved principles and practices of case management;

Possess and implements basic crisis intervention and counseling techniques;

Maintains an awareness of existing basic community resources and of community programs available to assist clients with identified needs;

Confers with other departmental professionals and supervisors regarding potential service provision.

In the Department of Juvenile Justice Services , the Family Services Specialist I/II conducts a variety of supportive services for at-risk youth and families from a human services perspective. Due to the diverse utilization of the position, incumbents in this classification may be assigned in any of the following units.

Community Outreach (The Harbor and The Truancy Prevention Outreach Program)

Conducts assessments of youth and families in a variety of domains in order to identify immediate and long-term needs;

Develops case plans in conjunction with youth and families in order to prioritize needs and provide resources and supports to assist the family in achieving their goals;

Provides case management services in a variety of settings including family homes, relative care and other alternative out-of-home placements to ensure youth and families receive the desired interventions in a timely manner;

Transports youth and families to appointments as needed;

Documents demographic information, assessment results as well as case notes in FamilyTRACS;

Facilitates life skills classes for youth and/or parents on a variety of topics;

Works collaboratively with community partners to ensure youth and families receive comprehensive and evidenced-based services;

Provides in-home interventions;

Performs crisis intervention when needed.

Probation Intake

Interviews youth and families referred to the Court via citation or booking obtaining the correct demographic information and entering it into FamilyTRACS;

Administers the Intake pre-screen on each youth;

If releasing a youth on a return agreement, completes the return agreement form using the appropriate return date;

Transports youth to alternative placement settings, appointments or home as needed;

Provides crisis intervention when needed;

Provides general information and resources to walk-in clients or community calls;

Presents recommendations at Detention, Plea, and verbal Report and Dispositional Hearings;

Provides case management services to youth on Hold Open status;

Provides in-home interventions;

Divert appropriate youth through referrals to The Harbor and informal probation programs

Field Probation

Provides services and monitoring to ensure compliance with Court Orders;

Provides supervision of youth in their own homes, group or foster homes, residential treatment centers (RTC), and other programs;

Responsible for keeping complete and accurate case notes and entering that information in FamilyTRACS by the indicated timelines;

Monitors youth's school attendance and academics;

Assists youth in developing competency in job seeking skills;

Visits youth and families within community settings (home, school)

Involves family in the facilitation of the treatment program. Networks with community resource providers;

Refers youth and families to appropriate community resources when needed;

Prepares written reports and documentation on youth's progress;

Gives oral presentations in Court, in staffings, and during unit meetings;

Monitors youth in community service programs and tracks the work of youth who are required to complete community service hours;

Enters "face to face," telephone and other contacts as specified in FamilyTRACS in intervals as indicated by the assigned supervision levels or standards set forth;

Provides in-home interventions;

Administers validated assessment tools and utilizes results to inform case plans.


Mobility to work in a typical court, detention or public safety setting to include standing and/or walking for an extended period of time, and strength to restrain and/or eject individuals, use standard office equipment, and be capable of commuting to various off-site locations in order to attend meetings or make on-site visits; vision to read printed materials and a computer screen; and hearing and speech to communicate in person or over the telephone. Specified positions may require mobility and stamina to assist youth, families, adults and/or seniors experiencing crisis and support client safety and well-being. Accommodation may be made for some of these physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals who require and request such accommodation.
Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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