• San Lorenzo Unified School District
  • 15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, California
  • Jun 04, 2022
Full Time Accounting and Finance Public Safety
  • Salary: $15.82 - $19.42 Hourly USD

Job Description

Basic Function
Under general supervision, supervise students in the lunchroom and on the grounds; perform light cafeteria work as assigned; do related work as requested.

Essential Functions
Supervise students in the lunchrooms, playgrounds, bus stops, parking lots, crosswalks, and other areas assigned including locker rooms and classrooms when teachers are unavailable;
Engage student in play and games on the blacktop/field;
Be alert for and report conditions hazardous to the health and safety of children; Enforce all school agreements concerning proper behavior of students;
Report ongoing/serious conflicts to administration;
Monitor and scan (move through target areas) while supervising; Perform light cafeteria duties such as cleaning tables and benches; Assist students as needed with opening lunch items;
Maintain order in and around (indoor/outdoor) lunch areas; Collect lost jackets and maintain lost and found;
Assist children in conflict mediation/solving problems;
Assist with school wide activities such as Picture Day and Vision/Hearing Screening to maintain efficient movement of students to and from activity;
Other related duties as assigned.

Education & Experience Requirements
None required, some type of experience supervising or working with children is desirable

Equivalent to completions of twelfth grade or informal education sufficient to insure ability to perform job duties

Selection Process
The examination process for this recruitment may be comprised of one or any combination of the following: screening of the applicant's training, background, and experience; scored evaluation of responses on a supplemental application; written examination(s); qualifications appraisal oral examination; performance examination; or technical oral examination, scored on a job-related basis. Only the most highly qualified candidates will be invited to continue in the examination process. Successful candidates who pass all parts of the examination process will be placed on the eligibility list in order of their relative merit as determined by these competitive examinations.
If your application is accepted to advance in this recruitment, the exam and interview dates are as follows:

The written examinations will be held on the following dates:
Thursday, August 12, 2021
Monday, August 23, 2021 3:30 PM
Thursday, September 7, 2021 11:00 AM
Tuesday, September 23, 2021 9:00 AM

Additional dates will be scheduled as needed. You will receive an invite with instructions prior to the examination dates.

Dates are tentative, but it is highly recommended that you plan your calendar accordingly. No Make-Up dates will be offered.
Other Important information: The duration of the eligibility list is one (1) year unless extended by the Personnel Commission. The eligibility list from this recruitment will be used for full-time, part-time and limited term positions.

New employees to the district are placed on step A of the salary schedule. The maximum salary is reached after 3 ½ years of employment.
Recruitments that list Promotional and Open Competitive opportunities may result in one of the following: 1) a dual-certified list in which internal employees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District are awarded seniority points to their final passing score before placement on the eligibility list, or 2) two separate eligibility lists consisting of candidates on a promotional only list and an open list. In the latter case, candidates on the promotional list are referred to the hiring authority before candidates on the open. However, where less than three ranks exist on the promotional list, the open list will be utilized to complete a total of three ranks.


Interested applicant may view the benefits plans available to classified employees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District by clicking on the following link:

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Remote-eligible (Remote work is a type of flexible working arrangement that allows an employee to work from remote location)


Job Address

15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, California 94580 United States View Map