• 400 Northwest 73rd Avenue, Plantation, Florida
  • Jan 01, 2022
Full Time Parks and Recreation
  • Salary: $16.35 - $21.89 Hourly USD

Job Description


This is a non-exempt position, which requires supervisory work over the lifeguard and lead lifeguard staff and is responsible for ensuring a safe and clean environment for patrons using the City's Aquatic Facility. This job is intended for individuals looking to move into the field of aquatic management. Employees hired into this position can expect to get hands on experience in most facets of aquatics and aquatic management, including but not limited to: swim lesson program administration, gaining experience using the American Red Cross Learning Center, staff supervision, facility management experience, and more.

As a Recreation Services Leader - Aquatics, applicants will need a strong background in organization, communication, lifeguarding, and teaching. An employee in this classification is responsible for assisting in supervision of the lifeguard and lead lifeguard staff at the facility. This includes ensuring lifeguards are doing their job and communicates any issues. This position is responsible in assisting in the safe and efficient operation of the City's Aquatic Facility for the safety, convenience, and enjoyment of patrons. This position is required to follow all the set duties for lifeguards and lead lifeguards such as the prompt performance of emergency lifesaving and first aid tasks, general maintenance, ensuring facility is safe for use, and such.

This position must always maintain and ensure the recreation waters managed by the city are maintained and kept safe for public use. This position will also ensure the facility is kept in good shape, ensuring proper maintenance of equipment and assisting in the planning for repairing and/or improving the facility. This employee will also assist with general office and clerical work pertaining to aquatic programs and facility reservations, and be required to assist with payments and reservations over RecTrac as needed. The employee works under the supervision of the Recreation Services Manager of Aquatics and/or the Aquatic Complex Manager. This employee must exercise initiative, independent judgment, and good communication.

Employees are hired as AT WILL employees that serve at the pleasure of the City and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Examples of Duties

Perform all duties required as a Lifeguard I, Lifeguard II and Lead Lifeguard position.

Effectively communicates and lead the lead lifeguards as the leader amongst them, also communicating with all aquatic staff as needed.

Assist with the delegation of maintenance and clean up duties.

Acts as the primary contact for all facility and programming inquires in the absence of the Aquatics Manager(s).

Reports to the Aquatics Manager(s) for any incidents, rescues, problems or equipment in need of repair.

Performs visual inspection of the facility and the equipment, ensuring the facility and equipment is good to operate during their shift

Assist professional aquatic staff with the planning and setting up of all events and training sessions.

Ensure water chemistry of city pools are kept above requirements set by the Florida Health Department and the Plantation Aquatic Complex.

Test pool water for proper water chemistry; applies chemicals as needed.

Inspect, repair, monitor and maintain pool equipment such as filters, chlorinators, analyzers, pumps, chemical systems such as chlorination system, and any other pool equipment used to maintain the pool and its water.

Regularly keep up with maintenance for pool and pool equipment, such as cleaning strainer basket, backwashing, cleaning collection tank, cleaning chlorine feeder, etc.

Keep daily records of pool chemistry and pool maintenance. Also keeps records on pool equipment, including but not limited to year bought, regular maintenance, etc.

Assist Aquatic Manager(s) in properly planning and budgeting for pool equipment/chemicals.

Maintain storage and inventory of equipment parts, supplies and chemicals.

Respond to routine and emergency calls for repairs and service.

Assist in set-up and break-down for special events.

Exercise care and safety in use of equipment and tools required to complete assigned tasks and knowledge of safety rules and regulations prescribed by the City.

Assist other Skilled Maintenance Workers as required.

Assist in scheduling facility user groups, visiting teams, etc

Perform routine clerical duties as needed.

Required to set up class registration and register participants.

Responsible for basic filing and record keeping.

Collect registration fees, gate fees, charges and deposits for classes and special events as needed

Complete monetary transactions and provide correct change as needed.

Assist with the planning, implementation, and supervision of activities, special events, projects, and programs held at recreational facility.

Assist in the preparation and clean-up of the aquatic facility in the event of major storms.

Assist as needed with managing the console during a meet.

Assist with other duties as assigned and directed.

Typical Qualifications

Uphold the same work duties, qualifications, and skills as those of a lifeguard I, lifeguard II and lead lifeguard, in addition to the aforementioned responsibilities/duties.

Strong organizational and communication skills (written, verbal, and non-verbal).

Ability to recognize potentially harmful situations and take appropriate actions.

Comfortable and proficient in leading and/or training lifeguard personnel.

Exceptional knowledge of rescue skills and ability to perform them.

Comfortable and able to teach and log American Red Cross courses (must hold current Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor certifications).

Lead and/or Assist in-service trainings for the lifeguard staff .

Assertive and leadership oriented personality.

Must be able to make independent decisions when necessary.

Knowledge of and ability to maintain pool in accordance with prescribed standards set by the Florida Health Department and Plantation Aquatic Complex.

Working knowledge and experience as a certified pool technician.

Operate and use required tools and equipment skillfully and safely.

Perform normal maintenance and cleaning services of pool and related areas.

Ability to operate a City vehicle and possess the required license.

Perform any additional duties set forth by the Aquatics Manager(s).
Tools & Equipment Used:
Safety and rescue equipment, small hand tools for minor pool maintenance, Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point, and Outlook), phone/walkie - talkie, chemical test kit, pool vacuum, pressure washer, various pool cleaning materials, PPE and other safety items for proper handling and operation of pool chemicals.

Physical Demands:
Must be able to see, sit, stoop, kneel, stand, communicate, reach and manipulate objects. Lifeguards must be proficient swimmers and be able to perform proper rescue and first aid techniques. This position also requires the ability to maintain focus for multiple hours at a time in sunny, hot, humid conditions.

  • Internal applicants must be in good standing
  • Has worked for at least 1 year with our department as a lead lifeguard (Preferred)
  • Meet and follow all requirements for Lead Lifeguard position
  • Available to work 25 - 30 hours a week (based on need of the facility)
  • Ability to cover shifts for lifeguard, lead lifeguard, or facility attendant as needed
  • Available to work opening shift and closing shift and able to work weekend shifts and/or holidays.
  1. Complete the mandatory skills test set by the Aquatic Manager
  2. Attend all administrator meetings, in-service training sessions, and staff meetings.
  3. Current certifications in:
    1. American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid/CPR/AED
  4. Current certification in at least one of the following (if does not have one of these certifications, must obtain within 3 months of being hired):
    1. American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor
    2. American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
Certified Pool and Spa Operator Certification or Aquatic Facilitator Operator Certification (Preferred)
  1. Must obtain one of these certifications within 3 months of being hired if does not have one of them
Availability and able to teach American Red Cross Courses and swim lessons as needed

Supplemental Information

LiveScan Fingerprint Process

Incumbents in this job class are required to undergo a Level 2 Background Screening as required by the State of Florida. The screening includes a photograph, fingerprint-based searches of criminal records nationally, and is performed using the electronic LiveScan process.

This is a designated "Recovery" classification in the City's Emergency Operations Plan and will require the employee occupying this position to work for declared emergencies.. Attendance at National Incident Management System (NIMS) training at the appropriate level is mandatory.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Job Address

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