Chief Mission Officer

  • San Francisco, California
  • Jan 01, 2022
Full Time Administration and Management

Job Description

Job Description

Office of Mission Advancement and Accountability

Annual Salary Range: $ 191,427 - $286,917

Executive Classification


The Chief Mission Advancement and Accountability Officer (CMAAO) is a member of the Leadership Team and drives to advance the mission and long-term vision of the State Bar. The CMAAO is responsible for oversight and execution of data collection, analysis, and evaluation to ensure that the State Bar effectively executives its mission. The CMAAO is also responsible for the development and implementation of an internal programmatic audit program to ensure accountability and compliance with legal, rule, and policy mandates.

The CMAAO works to promote continuous improvement in support of the State Bar's mission, and to ensure fair, effective, and compliant operating practices. In executing these responsibilities, the CMAAO works closely with virtually all parts of the organization, the State Bar Board of Trustees, and external stakeholders.

The CMAAO may serve as Deputy Executive Director (ED), pending circumstances and need.

The State Bar is seeking an innovative data-driven professional with an entrepreneurial orientation. The ideal candidate for the Chief Mission Advancement and Accountability Officer:
  • Uses data to drive policy decisions.
  • Has strong quantitative and qualitative research skills.
  • Integrates strategy, tactics, and activities to advance an organization's mission.
  • Has expertise in policy analysis and research, program evaluation and assessment, and policy and program implementation.
  • Identifies cause and effect relationships across multiple parts of the organization and data sets, and develops and implements responses and solutions accordingly.
  • Thinks creatively about the operations of complex systems and identifies connections and interdependencies.
  • Identifies opportunities to visualize data and/or present analysis creatively to expand potential reach and impact and executes that vision.
  • Works with shifting, sometimes ambiguous parameters while continuing to drive toward practical solutions in support of the State Bar's mission.
  • Effectively manages teams.
  • Demonstrates flexibility, candor, commitment, and partnership as a member of an organizational leadership team.

  1. Oversee the development of data collection, research, and evaluation plans and direct their implementation for all major program areas of the State Bar, including fiscal and operational analyses, policy studies, and specific outcome evaluation.
  2. Direct strategy and oversee development and implementation of internal operational performance audits to ensure that the State Bar's core functions are being performed efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with all governing mandates including rules, statutes, and State Bar policy. Coordinate with financial audit on information, compliance, and outcomes.
  3. Serve as a member of the State Bar's Leadership Team and establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues within the State Bar and professional relationships with external constituencies of the State Bar.
  4. Understand and monitor the core mission and policies of the State Bar of California; track emerging events and developments for any impact on or relevance to achievement of mission.
  5. Act immediately to address and remediate any issues of compliance or mission failure.
  6. Proactively and transparently communicate internally and externally on mission, policy and ongoing work and initiatives related to Bar mission and performance, including the writing and presenting of agenda items for the Board of Trustees.
  7. Initiate as appropriate, inter-office projects to improve the coordination of cross-divisional programs, and activities.
  8. Provide policy guidance and staff assistance to the executives and staff of the State Bar, the Board of Trustees, and other constituencies on institutional performance and accountability.
  9. Respond to inquiries from the Board of Trustees, other State Bar committees and commissions, and stakeholders in a timely manner.
  10. Prepare and administer the budget and manage and direct the resources and personnel in the areas assigned with institutional parameters
  11. Promote the mission, the integrity, objectivity, and efficacy of the State Bar.
  12. Facilitate the professional growth of a team through active performance management and nurturing a collaborative and inclusive team environment.
  13. Maintain appropriate confidentiality in administering the media and information functions of the State Bar and directs contractors, consultants, experts, vendors, and others in administering the work of the office.
  14. Work closely with, and acts a deputy of, the Executive Director.


  • Bachelor's degree in a field that develops skills related to essential duties or equivalent academic achievement.
  • Advanced degree in public policy, public administration, or related field is highly desirable.

  1. Minimum 10 (10) years progressively responsible experience in related program administration.
  2. Minimum five (5) years senior management/supervisor experience in administering personnel and budget requirements
  3. Master's degree is preferred and may be substitute for up to two (2) years of experience.

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be required to successfully complete the State Bar's selection process for this classification.


Knowledge and Skills
  1. Expertise in program evaluation, policy assessment and implementation.
  2. Understanding of office management, budgeting, administration, and supervision.
  3. Ability to identify problems, analyze responses, and implement solutions.
  4. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively with direct reports and key stakeholders.
  5. Effective writing and verbal presentation including public speaking.
  6. Understanding of organizational behavior and conflict resolution.
  7. Expertise in policy analysis and research.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively within institutional parameters considering different constituencies.
  9. Ability to develop a high-performing team and promote individual professional growth and development of team members.

Essential elements / Ability to:
  1. Think creatively about the operations of complex systems and identify connections and interdependencies
  2. Learn quickly on the job
  3. Work within shifting, sometimes ambiguous parameters while still driving toward practical solutions in support of the State Bar's mission
  4. Communicate effectively with officials in the legislative, judicial, and executive branch of California State government.
  5. Effectively support the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees in their oversight and communications duties.
  6. Receive and relay detailed information through verbal and written communication.
  7. Communicate clearly and effectively in person, by telephone, by computer and in writing.
  8. Review and analyze complex written documents.
  9. Obtain and present material in oral and/or written form.
  10. Effectively speak publicly to large groups of people.
  11. Perform under stress and adopt effective courses of action.
  12. Effectively interact with others in a collaborative environment.
  13. Effectively address conflict toward resolution.
  14. Use performance management principles and techniques to develop a team and individual performance and development.

Condition of Employment

Employment with the State Bar of California requires full vaccination and proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 before starting work. Exemptions to the mandatory vaccination policy may be available for a medical condition, disability, or sincerely held religious belief and must be approved before starting work.

Job Address

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