Animal Control Shelter Attendant

  • Missoula, Montana
  • Jun 04, 2022
Full Time Animal Control or Services

Job Description


  • Please complete all sections of the online application, even if a resume is included.
  • Please attach to your completed application a Letter of Interest that includes your motivation to work for Animal Control.
  • Incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  • Complete job description available upon request to the Human Resource Department.
Performs a variety of duties for the City/County Animal Control Shelter including animal care, dispatching, cleaning, customer service, public education and administrative support to ensure the health and safety of domestic animals and the community.

Representative Examples of Work

Feeds and waters animals, cleans cages, outdoor kennels and other areas within the building, does dishes and laundry. Observes animals for signs of illness, injury and behavioral issues. Schedules vet appointments for treating sick/injured animals and spay/neuter surgeries, authorizes medical procedures. Administers first aid, medications and vaccinations; and inserts microchips. Answers phones and emails; takes complaints from the public; prioritizes calls and dispatches animal control officers; records and relays required information; and works with the public to provide for animals in emergency situations (wildfires, floods, etc.). Provides information to the public about animal ordinances, animal care, licensing, adoption and spay/neuter programs. Performs data entry, handles cash and makes deposits, produces reports, coordinates records retention, and orders all supplies for the shelter including medications, vaccines, food, litter, cleaning supplies, microchips, gravel, etc. Responsible for processing animals into and out of the shelter; reviews, researches and approves adoption applications; verifies rabies vaccinations; issues dog and kennel licenses; writes citations for unlicensed dogs; collects fees; balances cash drawer daily and makes deposits. When necessary, recommends euthanasia of animals to the supervisor. Coordinates outreach and adoption events; ensures staffing; prepares supplies. Drives a County vehicle with a trailer to pick up donations, care for off-site animals, and set up for events. Updates and maintains the Animal Control website; uploads photos and descriptions of stray animals on social media. Promotes dog licensing through social and traditional media outlets; develops promotional and educational materials; canvasses neighborhoods to identify unlicensed dogs; finds creative ways to promote licensing. Follows up on expired licenses by sending letters, making follow up calls, and working closely with animal control officers to contact owners. Participates in quality improvement projects, performance management and strategic work plans. Works within the incident command structure during emergencies.

Minimum Qualifications

High School graduation or GED. Requires one year of experience that includes one or more of the following: animal control; animal care or handling; animal research; and office clerical duties. Requires experience working with the public and performing heavy physical labor. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Requires a valid Montana Driver's License. New employees will be asked to volunteer vaccination status for required vaccines upon hire and will be offered assistance during hiring to receive necessary immunizations. Employees who have not received the vaccines required for their positions or who are unwilling to voluntarily provide vaccination status for required vaccines will receive a reasonable accommodation where such accommodation does not require an undue hardship or endanger the health or safety of any person. Successful candidate will be subject to a pre-employment physical examination.

Physical/Environmental Demands

Work requires regular physical activity including: standing and walking on hard surfaces; bending; reaching; stooping; and medium range lifting (25-50#). Requires occasional heavy lifting (50#). Work involves spraying water on floors which can be slippery; involves use of disinfectants and strong cleaners. Coveralls, eye protection and rubber boots must be worn when using some chemicals. Works regularly with animals, primarily dogs and cats, of all sizes and temperament. Occasional bites and scratches are likely. Requires exposure to strong odors and the removal of animal feces. Requires regularly scheduled weekend work. Drives county vehicle on a daily basis to care for animals at off-site locations and to pick up donated food and supplies.

Remote-eligible (Remote work is a type of flexible working arrangement that allows an employee to work from remote location)


Job Address

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