Chief Financial Officer

  • 350 Main Street, El Segundo, California
  • Aug 29, 2023
Full Time Accounting and Finance Administration and Management
  • Salary: $13,415.00 - $17,916.67 Monthly USD

Job Description


First Review Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Interested candidates should apply by submitting a compelling cover letter and a comprehensive resume electronically to .

Please contact Ralph Andersen & Associates at (916) 630-4900 should you have any questions regarding this position or the recruitment process or visit .

PERS Retirement:

Miscellaneous employees - Tier I -2% @ 55 . Tier II - 2%@60 for individuals employed by the City on or after 12/30/12 who are already PERS members. Tier I and II members pay 8% of pensionable income. Single highest year coordinated with Social Security and Medicare. PERS 2%@62 for new employees/members hired on or after 1/1/13. Three year average coordinated with Social Security and Medicare. Members pay 50% of normal cost (6.75%).

Public Safety employees - Police Tier I - 3%@50 for individuals employed as of 10/5/12. Police Tier II- 3%@55 for individuals employed by the City on or after 10/6/12. Fire 3%@55 for current employees and individuals hired by the City who are already in PERS. Single highest year. Employees pay 12% of pensionable income. PERS 2.7%@5 7 for new safety employees/members hired on or after 1/1/13. Three year average final compensation. Members pay 50% of normal cost (12%).

Social Security: The City matches employee’s Social Security contribution, which is 6.2% of your salary and is made on a pre-tax basis. The 2022 Social Security income cap is $147,000. Public Safety positions are exempt from Social Security (Police Chief, Fire Chief, Fire Battalion Chief).

Medical -The City provides health plans through CalPERS. Total monthly medical contribution of$1,650 per month ($932per month for medical and $718per month for flex dollars). Flex dollars may be used toward a medical premium, deferred compensation plan, or flexible spending/dependent care allocations. Employees are responsible for paying any out-of-pocket balance of the medical plan premium through a pre-tax payroll deduction. Dental and vision benefits will be provided by the City.

Retiree Medical: Executive Management, Mid Management, and Confidential employees service retiring concurrently from the City of El Segundo after a minimum of five full-time years of service and CalPERS on or after June 21, 2022, shall be eligible for a retiree medical benefit equal to the PEMHCA amount filed by the City with CalPERS supplemented by a City contribution to a healthcare reimbursement account. The amount of the healthcare reimbursement supplement shall be no more than the amount necessary to cover the health insurance premium cost for the employee and eligible dependent(s) for the selected CalPERS health plan, but in no event shall the total monthly contribution (PEMHCA contribution + healthcare reimbursement account) exceed the amount provided to active employees in the Management Confidential Series. For 2022, this total monthly contribution is $1,650 per month.

Auto Allowance: Executive Management positions that are not provided a City vehicle shall recieve an auto allowance in the amount of $400. Employees provided an auto allowance are inelgible for mileage reimbursement.

Employee Assistance Program :

Deferred Compensation: For Executive positions that are required to contribute to Social Security (City Manager excluded), a City contribution of 6.2% to a 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan, up to the annual Social Security base, evenly distributed over 24 pay periods per year. Participation in a 457 Deferred Compensation Program with pre-taxed salary deferrals is voluntary. Voluntary participation in Mission Square 457 Deferred Compensation plan.

Optical/Dental: VSP Vision and MetLife Dental HMO or PPO fully paid for employee and eligible dependents.

Flex Plan: Section 125 Plan, allows for payment of employee-paid insurance, medical treatment, and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Council excluded.

Life Insurance : $50,000 term life policy provided by City; employee can purchase additional self and dependent coverage at group rates.

Long-Term Disability: City provides Executive LTD which pays 75% of first $12,000 of employee's salary less the amount of any other income, up to a total of $2,500. Applies to non job-related occurrences. 90 day waiting period. Council excluded.

Holidays: 11 fixed paid holidays plus 1 day of personal leave/floating holiday per year. Council excluded.

Vacation Leave : 96 hours (1-5 years); 120 hours (6 - 10 years); 144 hours (11 - 14 years): 200 hours after 14 years. Leave can be used after 6 months of service. Annual cash conversion option. Employees on "E" step accrue vacation based on total years of service in a PERS or comparable agency. Council excluded.

Sick Leave: 8 hours per month.Council excluded.

Administrative Leave: City Manager may award up to 80 hours per calendar year. Leave has no cash value. Council excluded.

Bereavement Leave: Three (3) working days (or 40 hours where travel is 500 miles or more) for qualifying incident. Council excluded.

Tuition Reimbursement: Up to $2,000/year for work-related college courses. Council excluded.

Cell Phone Stipend : $120/mo for Department Heads who opt to use their own personal device.

Other: Voluntary participation in Credit Union; Payroll Direct Deposit; Long-Term Care (premiums paid by employee).


Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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