Power Systems Electrical Engineer or Electrical Engineering Associate II, III (CM-183-23E) Whittier

  • LA County Sanitation District
  • Whittier, California
  • Mar 07, 2024
Full Time Engineering
  • Salary: $8,862.00 - $12,957.00 Monthly USD

Job Description


invites applications for the position of:
Electrical Engineer/Electrical Engineering Associate in

Power Systems


The Sanitation Districts protect public health and the environment through innovative and cost-effective wastewater and solid waste management, and in doing so convert waste into resources such as recycled water, energy and recycled materials.

The Sanitation Districts are currently recruiting to fill two (2) Electrical Engineering Associate or Electrical Engineer position in the Electrical and Instrumentation Design Section.



The incumbent will report to a Supervising Engineer and perform electrical power systems and instrumentation engineering for wastewater treatment plants, pumping plants, landfills and power generation facilities; develop electrical and instrumentation drawings and specifications; design low- and medium-voltage power distribution systems; design microprocessor and hardwired-based control systems; develop computer-based electrical engineering studies; develop electrical and instrumentation cost estimates and economic analyses; review consultant submittals; review contractor and vendor submittals, RFI responses, and contractor change-order claims; coordinate work with other Districts' sections and outside agencies; and perform other duties as required.

This position will be assigned to the Joint Administration Office in Whittier, CA. Initial salary placement will be based on the selected candidate's qualifications.


Candidates must possess: A valid California Class C driver's license for positions performing on-the-job driving -AND- a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited and recognized college or university.

The ideal candidate will have two or more years' experience performing power systems engineering and design of low- and medium-voltage power distribution systems (control/instrumentation experience is desirable) for, wastewater, power generation, petrochemical, or heavy industrial facilities projects; and a Bachelor and/or Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Power Systems.


The competitive process may cover a knowledge of :
  • Power systems engineering and its application in wastewater treatment plants, pumping plants, petrochemical facilities, and/or power generation
  • Industrial controls including instrumentation and programmable logic controllers.
  • Electrical drawings such as one-line diagrams, motor and circuit breaker control diagrams, wiring diagrams, plot plans, etc. and project cost estimation.
  • Power system studies such as load flow, short circuit, motor starting, arc flash, and generator sizing.
  • Protection coordination and protective device settings.
  • National Electrical Code and its application in electrical design.
  • Electrical, controls and instrumentation design in coordination with civil, mechanical and structural designs.

Ability to:
  • Write technical documents such as preliminary design reports, specifications, and construction sequences.
  • Perform construction contract administration work, including submittal reviews, responses to contractor requests for information, and extra work claims.
  • Communicate effectively with audiences including, but not limited to coworkers, vendors, contractors, and management.


This posting will remain open until vacancy is filled and is subject to closure without notice.

  • Applications and Supplemental Questions will be reviewed and evaluated for relevant experience.
  • Candidates considered to have the best qualifications will be invited to an oral interview.
  • The selection process will consist of an oral interview weighted at 100%.
  • An eligibility list will be established upon completion of the interview based on the interview scores.

To be considered, please complete an LACSD Employment Application at www.lacsd.org . You may attach your résumé to your online application, but not in lieu of a completed application. Applicants with the most desirable qualifications will be invited to an interview.

For additional questions regarding this posting, please contact Cara Morin at 562-908-4288 Ext. 1328 or at caramorin@lacsd.org

As an equal opportunity employer, the Districts strongly encourage qualified minorities, women, and disabled persons to apply.

Joint Administration Office, Whittier


  • CALPERS: The Districts belong to the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), and all monthly status new hires will be enrolled in CalPERS. Most new hires will be enrolled in the defined benefit formula of 2% @ 62 in accordance with the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) and are required to contribute to the plan (7.75% for the 23/24 fiscal year; Those who qualify based on current or previous public service may be enrolled in the defined benefit formula in place on December 31, 2012, which was 2% @ 55 and are considered “classic” members. For “classic” members, the Districts pay the “employee share.” Please contact the Human Resources Department for more information regarding contribution rates. Although Districts employees are exempt from Social Security, employees are required by federal law to contribute a percentage of their salary for Medicare coverage.

  • DEFERRED COMP MATCH: The Districts provides a matching contribution to an eligible deferred compensation plan pursuant to Section 457 of the Internal Revenue Code. The match with each paycheck will be the lesser of: 3% of the employee's base monthly salary as listed in the Salary Schedule; and the amount the employee is contributing with that paycheck. The annual total combined employee and employer contribution are subject to IRS limits.


Employees receive annual salary increases until reaching step 5 of the salary range and are provided with opportunities to promote. Cost of living adjustments are implemented annually in accordance with labor agreements.

Job classifications are compensated on a 5-step salary range. New employees may receive a 5.5% step increase after successfully completing a 6-month probationary period and yearly thereafter until step 5 is reached. The Districts' typically promote qualified internal applicants before considering outside candidates. For engineering professionals, there are three levels of Engineering Associate (EA) and administrative promotion is possible to an EA II or EA III level after an engineer completes 2 years as an EA I or EA II respectively. Engineers are eligible for administrative promotion to the Civil Engineer level when they obtain registration as a Professional Engineer in the State of California and have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university and 6 years of professional engineering experience, a master's degree from an accredited university and 3 years of professional engineering experience, or a PhD and 2 years of professional engineering experience. An employee with four years of experience at the Civil Engineer level may apply to compete for promotion to Senior Engineer. Promotions to the Senior Engineer level are made depending upon the needs of the Districts. Supervising Engineer positions are filled through a competitive selection process. Management level positions may also be filled through a competitive selection process, or by appointment by the Chief Engineer and General Manager.


  • MEDICAL: Districts paid. Employees may choose from several HMO and Indemnity plans. As of January 1, 2024, the Districts contribute $2,202.87 per month for medical insurance. Depending on the choice of health plan, the Districts contribution covers all or a large portion of the premium for family coverage.

  • DENTAL: Districts paid. The Districts pay the full premium for employee and dependent coverage for a prepaid dental program which provides for most routine dental care through a panel of contracting dentists with no deductibles. Employees are eligible to enroll in an indemnity plan if requested within thirty days after completion of three years of employment (sooner for some bargaining units), or during subsequent open enrollment periods.
  • VISION: Employee paid.
  • LIFE: The Districts pay for a term life policy. Employees can buy additional types and amounts of life insurance coverage at group rates.
  • VACATION: Employees receive 88 hours of paid vacation after one full year of service, increasing up to 128 hours per year after five years, 168 hours per year after 15 years and up to 208 hours after 25 years. Prior to one year of full service, employees are given partial vacation time on January 1, based on the time worked in the preceding year.
  • SICK LEAVE : Eight hours of full-pay sick leave per month.

  • PERSONAL LEAVE: Employees may use up to 40 hours per calendar year from current sick leave for personal reasons.
13 paid holidays and one-half paid holiday depending on the employee's work schedule.

Employees may be eligible for tuition reimbursement for approved accredited course work.

For some bargaining units, the Districts will provide student loan payment reimbursements for principal or interest paid by the employee on a qualified education loan incurred by the employee for the education of the employee. The annual maximum reimbursement is $5,250 and the lifetime reimbursement limit is $21,000.

Engineers can participate in a voluntary transfer program to gain experience in various engineering sections. Transfers are made whenever vacancies and qualifications match. An engineer may apply for transfer after they have served in their assignment for 2 years.

  • A rewarding career contributing to society and the environment.
  • Flexible work schedules (e.g. 9/80 schedule) depending on the worksite.
  • Clear policies and procedures.
  • Health and safety programs.
  • Carpool opportunities with monetary incentives depending on the worksite.
More detailed benefits information can be found here: Districts Benefits

NOTE: The provisions of this posting do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Any provision contained in this posting may be modified and/or revoked without notice.

Updated December 29, 2023

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