Heavy Equipment Operator ESD

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Aug 29, 2023
Full Time Construction and Skilled Trades Public Works
  • Salary: $36,180.00 - $59,430.00 Annually USD

Job Description


MOS Code: 001165 (Navy)

Education and Experience : Equivalent to two (2) years of experience operating medium or heavy equipment.

Licenses and Certificates :

Texas Class “B” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or equivalent from another state. Some positions may require a Texas Class “A” CDL or equivalent from another state. CDL may require specialized endorsements depending on area of assignment. Some positions may require a Municipal Solid Waste Operator Class C License.

Special Requirements:

Positions requiring a CDL or positions of a safety sensitive are subject to drug and alcohol testing in accordance with federal regulations. Some positions must pass a criminal background check and obtain and maintain federally mandated security clearance for working at an airport.

General Purpose

Under general supervision, operate any of a variety of heavy motorized equipment utilized in the most difficult or unusual construction, repair, maintenance and other operations of numerous departments, divisions and activities, as qualified.

Typical Duties

Operate heavy equipment, including, but not limited to, articulated dump truck and water wagon, rubber tired and tracked hydraulic excavators, and comparable earth moving or heavy construction equipment, such as, asphalt paver, bulldozer, landfill compactor, milling machine, motor grader, scraper, as assigned. Involves: Coordinate interactions to attach, set up, start, stop, position, guide and manipulate intricate powered mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic apparatus to dig, push, pile or load materials. Monitor instruments and precisely adjust such factors as speed, flow, temperature and pressure when feeding, bearing-off, hoisting and transporting solids or fluids. Sub-grade streets for paving, or grade and blade dirt streets and alleys. De-silt basins. Cut and fill water and sewer line, or deep drainage ditches. Lay water and sewer mains. Excavate roadbeds. Perform other complicated construction, repair, maintenance or operations related work, which includes excavating, grading, digging, piling, pushing and loading a broad range of materials. Inspect work site prior to, during and following activities. Identify, recommend and undertake work according to priorities and established schedules.

Supervise or direct laborers and other workers in routine work assignments, if delegated. Involves: As assigned or authorized, participate in various lead work responsibilities including, assigning or delegating work, reviewing, inspecting and accepting work, training and developing employees.

Perform a variety of duties as required. Involves: Inspect, clean, grease and fuel equipment. Identify and perform basic equipment preventative maintenance servicing and minor repair work to maintain operating condition and meet safety requirements. Engage in manual labor as necessary to work assignment. Interact with other departments, employees, contractors, vendors or the public.

General Information

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Test date: To be announced.

Note: Candidates that qualify will be invited to take the practical examination.

Note: This is a new advertisement for Heavy Equipment Operator. You must apply if you are still interested in this position.

Note: Current opening is at the Environmental Services Department. The eligible list will be used for the Environmental Services Department only.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately. This position will close when a preset number of applications have been received.

A résumé and/or other documents will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application. Comments such as “See résumé” are not acceptable and will result in the application being considered incomplete.

To qualify for this position, required education, experience, knowledge and skills must be clearly stated on your application’s employment history. We do not use any information on your resume to review if you meet the minimum qualifications for this position.

Failure to fully detail all experience and job duties in the application, or copying/pasting directly from the job specification, or responses referring to your résumé will eliminate you from consideration for the position.



Every regular, full-time employee who is paid by the City, shall be entitled to receive group life, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, health insurance coverage as provided by the City. Employees shall be eligible for enrollment during the City's designated enrollment period. (Amended 08/28/07)

Employees shall have the option of membership in a qualified health maintenance organization (HMO) as an alternative to health insurance coverage. Should an employee opt for HMO membership, the City shall contribute to the HMO an amount equal to the health insurance premium the City would have otherwise been obligated to pay on the employee's health insurance coverage. Any difference between the amount the City contributes and the cost of HMO membership shall be deducted from the employee's paycheck and forwarded to the HMO.


All regular employees who are regularly scheduled to work on an average, a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week, who have held a position in the City Service for a period of six months from date of employment, shall be eligible for vacation allowance as hereinafter set forth. Part-time employees shall accrue vacation leave at a pro-rated amount of full-time entitlement based on the number of hours that they are scheduled to work. Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements shall accrue vacation as provided in the applicable agreement.

Regular employees in the City Service shall accrue vacation credit at the following rates per pay period, calculated from the date of employment of each employee:

For 0 - 5 years of service (12 days):
40 hour per week employees - 3.70 hours per biweekly pay period

For >5 to 15 years of service (17 days):
40 hour per week employees - 5.24 hours per biweekly pay period

For >15 or more years of service (20 days):
40 hour per week employees - 6.16 hours per biweekly pay period


Employees shall be entitled to accrue sick leave with pay in accordance with the Rules of the Civil Service Commission.


The Amended Section 4.4 of the Ordinance shall become effective upon adoption and shall apply to occupational injuries and occupational diseases occurring on and after date of adoption. Occupational injuries and occupational diseases occurring before such date will be governed by the Ordinance in effect at the time of the date of injury or disease.


A) Pregnancy shall be treated the same as any other temporary physical disability.

B) An employee on pregnancy leave shall use accumulated and unused regular sick leave time and then (unless granted use of special sick leave) shall be on leave without pay, unless the employee chooses to use any accumulated and unused annual leave.

C) An employee going on pregnancy leave shall give written notice to her department head with appropriate medical verification. Before returning to work from pregnancy leave, the individual will provide appropriate medical documentation releasing the employee to return to work, as is required for any individual who has been on leave for a temporary physical disability.


The following days are hereby declared legal holidays for all the City departments, provided that the provisions of this section shall not apply to members of the Fire Department whose duties are to prevent or extinguish fires, or to members of the Police Department whose duties are those of law enforcement: (Amended 10/03/95)

1.First day of January (New Year's Day)

2.Third Monday in January (Martin Luther King Holiday)

3. Thirty-first day in March(Cesar Chavez Day)

4.Last Monday in May (Memorial Day)

5. June 19 (Juneteenth)

6.Fourth day of July (Independence Day)

7.First Monday in September (Labor Day)

8. Eleventh Day in November (Veteran's Day)

9.Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)

10. The Friday following the fourth Thursdayin November (Day after Thanksgiving)

11.Twenty-fifth Day in December (Christmas Day)

12.Employee's Birthday

In addition to the above days, the following days are also declared to be legal holidays:1. Any day designated as a holiday by City Council.2. When any legal holiday falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be considered a legal holiday.3. When any legal holiday falls on a Sunday, the following business day shall be considered a legal holiday.

Closing Date/Time: 10/31/2023 12:00 AM Mountain

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