• 501 Poli Street, Ventura, California
  • Mar 08, 2024
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $7,166.99 Monthly USD

Job Description


The City of Ventura is hiring! We are accepting applications for the position of Police Officer Trainee. The Police Officer Trainee is a non-safety, non-sworn, at-will position. This position is required to attend an Academy that provides specialized instruction for Police Officer Trainees in a high-stress 26-week California’s Commission of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) accredited program. Police Officer Trainees’ also receive additional department training designed to provide an overview of the criminal justice system, various laws and procedures, law enforcement techniques, first aid, physical fitness, and other related duties. Police Officer Trainees learn the philosophy of community-based policing with a familiarization between law enforcement and community residents that emphasizes solving problems collaboratively.

This position is designated as "at-will," serving at the pleasure of the Police Chief, and subject to discharge without cause and without right of appeal.


The City offers a total compensation package that includes both a generous salary and other benefits! Refer to the benefits tab on the job posting for more information.

If you meet the qualifications for the position and are interested in a career with the City of Ventura Police Department, please complete an online City Job Application and supplemental questionnaire. Applications and supplemental questions will be accepted on a continuous basis. Applications are reviewed weekly and candidates are encouraged to apply for immediate consideration.

For additional information on the duties and responsibilities of the position, refer to the job descriptions located on the City's Career Page at www.cityofventura.ca.gov/jobs or by selecting here Police Officer Trainee .


Candidates must meet the qualifications stated below to be considered for this position.

Education: Graduation from High School, or a GED is required. College coursework in Criminal Justice, behavioral, or other social science coursework is preferred.

Age: Must be 21 years of age on or before date of appointment as a Police Officer Trainee.

Convictions: Must be of good moral character, with no felony convictions

Citizenship: Must be legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law.

Medical: Excellent physical condition. Must meet California POST medical and psychological standards.

Other: Candidates are required to undergo an extensive background investigation, polygraph examination, post-offer psychological evaluation, and post-offer medical examination, including screening for drugs and alcohol.

License: Possession of, or ability to obtain, a valid California Class C driver license and acceptable driving record are required at time of appointment.


Submit a City application and supplemental questionnaire. Applications and supplemental questions will be accepted on a continuous basis. Applications are reviewed weekly and candidates are encouraged to apply for immediate consideration.

The preferred method to submit your application is online at www.cityofventura.ca.gov/jobs . If you are unable to submit an online application, you may request paper application materials by calling (805) 654-7853 during regular business hours or emailing recruitment@cityofventura.ca.gov. Paper applications and answers to the supplemental questionnaire can be Faxed to (805) 648-4467 or mailed to City Hall at: 501 Poli Street, Room 210; Ventura, CA 93001. If you FAX, it is highly recommended that you also send the original documents via mail.

It is important that your City job application show all the relevant education, training, and experience you possess. Resumes, CVs and cover letters may be attached to your application but will not be accepted in lieu of a completed job application or supplemental questionnaire. Submitting an incomplete application or supplemental questionnaire, may disqualify you from further consideration in the recruitment process.

After you apply, all future correspondence from the City will be via E-Mail. Please check your messages regularly, and keep your contact information up to date using your on-line application.

Application and Supplemental Questionnaire Review:

A review of application and supplemental questionnaire will be conducted and applicants meeting the minimum qualifications and desired background experience for successful performance as a Police Officer Trainee will continue in the next step of the process.

Applicants must successfully meet the written examination requirement and submit qualifying California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) results WITH their application ( valid for exams administered within one year of application submittal) or have already passed the National Testing Network exam to be certified to the eligibility list.

Written Examination


Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:
  • Submit California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB) test score with your application. Test scores are valid for exams administered within one year of application submittal and applicant must submit a letter from the testing agency on agency letterhead at time of application submission. Applicants must meet the minimum T-score of 42 and acceptance of other agency's T-score is subject to verification with the testing agency.

  • Must have completed the National Testing Network (NTN) FrontLine National Written examination within one year prior to submitting your application and achieve a minimum score of: Video (65), Reading (70), Writing (70). The Human Resources Department will confirm applicant test scores directly with NTN once the application is submitted.

Information Regarding NTN FrontLine National Written examination:

If you choose to take the NTN written examination, go to www.nationaltestingnetwork.com , select Law Enforcement and sign up for the City of Ventura Police Department. If you have problems scheduling the written examination, please contact NTN Customer Support at: support@nationaltestingnetwork.com . National Testing Network is a service provided to conduct entry level testing in a standardized, professional environment. National Testing Network does not replace the City of Ventura's responsibility and decision making in the testing process. All candidate results are provided to the City of Ventura Human Resources Department where the final decisions are made.

What to expect at the www.nationaltestingnetwork.com website:
  • You will need to establish an account with NTN. A fee is required to take the written exam. Candidates with demonstrate financial hardship may submit a request to have the fee waived prior to test registration. See Candidate FAQ #27 on the NTN website for information on how to apply for a fee waiver. www.nationaltestingnetwork.com/publicsafetyjobs/faqs.cfm
  • Online practice tests are available at www.frontlinetest.com.
  • Schedule your own convenient test time. Tests are offered multiple times each week, including Saturdays.
  • You will need to designate City of Ventura Police Department for us to receive and review your scores.

Eligibility List: Applicants that meet the written examination requirement by providing qualifying POST PELLETB test scores or passing the NTN written examination will be certified to an eligibility list, which will be sent to the Police Department for further consideration. The Police Department will administer the remaining processes outlined below.

Personal History Statement Completion: All applicants certified to the eligibility list are required to complete and return the POST Personal History Statement to the Police Department. To locate and print a copy of the Personal History Statement- Peace Officer (Form 2-251), please visit the POST website at: https://www.post.ca.gov/forms.aspx.

Department Selection Interviews: Upon review of the completed Personal History Statement, the Police Department will invite a limited number of candidates to participate in department selection interviews.

Physical Agility Test: Applicants who participate in a department selection interview may be invited to participate in the physical agility test.

The physical agility test consists of the following components:
  • Agility Run: Run a 99-yard course with abrupt changes in lateral and vertical movement
  • Dummy Drag: Lift and drag a 165 pound dummy 32 feet
  • Fence Climb/Run: Run 5 yards, climb a six-foot high chain-link fence, continue running 25 yards
  • Fence Climb/Run: Run 5 yards, climb a six-foot high solid fence, continue running 25 yards
  • 500 Yard Run: Run 500 yards with no obstacles

Additional Selection and Hiring Components: Polygraph, background investigation, post-offer psychological and medical examinations.

Police Academy: Candidates selected for hire will enter a 23-week Police Academy.
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), if you need an accommodation in a selection process, please notify the Human Resources Department in writing by the final filing date of the position you are interested in. The Human Resources address is: 501 Poli Street, Room 210, Ventura, CA 93001, (805) 654-7853, e-mail: recruitment@cityofventura.ca.gov.


The City of Ventura operates under the Council/ Manager form of government under a charter adopted by voters in 1934, with an elected seven-member City Council. This full-service municipality is supported by 11 major City departments: City Manager, City Attorney, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Community Development, Parks & Recreation, Fire, Police, Public Works, and Ventura Water. The City’s Adopted FY 2021/2022 Budget totals approximately $303.4 million. The City Council and the City Manager are dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, public service, and innovative approaches to governing.

To learn more about the City of Ventura, please visit www.cityofventura.ca.gov and view the current FY Adopted Budget.


The City of Ventura is located just north of Los Angeles County and south of Santa Barbara County and is frequently considered one of America’s most desirable places to live. The City is a full-service municipality that was founded in 1782, incorporated in 1866, and serves nearly 110,000 residents within its 32 square miles. With nearly 700 employees, the City is dedicated to delivering key services to our businesses, residents, and visitors to ensure Ventura remains a fiscally stable, economically vibrant, safe, clean, and desirable community.

Locals and visitors enjoy Ventura’s impressive park system that includes 32 parks and historic sites, and more than 800 acres of open green space. The City offers a remarkable year-round climate, friendly people, and a spectacular coastline. Ventura is an exciting location for a variety of outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding, sailing, surfing, whale watching and windsurfing. Other activities include the Channel Islands National Park, championship golf, world-class shopping, wine tours, and more. Learn more about the City of Ventura at www.CityofVentura.ca.gov .


The City of Ventura values human rights, goodwill, respect, inclusivity, equality, and recognizes that the City derives its strength from a rich diversity of thoughts, ideas, and contributions. As leaders in public service, we aspire to be an employer of choice by promoting an organizational culture that reflects these core values. We seek to attract, develop, and retain a talented and dedicated workforce where people of diverse races, genders, religions, cultures, political affiliations, and lifestyles thrive. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that empowers our employees to provide the highest level of service to our community of residents and businesses; they’re counting on us.

The City is an equal opportunity employer and strives to attract qualified applicants from all walks of life without regard to race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, military and veteran status, or any other status protected under federal, state and/or local law. We aim to create an environment that celebrates and embraces the diversity of our workforce. We welcome you to join our team!

Background Information:

Right to Work: Before employment, candidates must submit documentation verifying legal right to work in the United States.

Background Check: A pre-employment verification of background, references, and medical examination, including psychological and polygraph exams, will be conducted. A drug screening may be required for some positions.

Probationary Period: Twelve months for Lateral Police Officer; eighteen months for Academy-Trained Police Officer.

Upon completion of the academy, and appointment as a Police Officer, candidates will be eligible for the following compensation package:

Salary: See Police Officer job description for salary information following academy completion.

Educational Incentive: After completion of probation, 5% of base pay for an AA degree or intermediate POST certificate or 10.24% for a BA degree or Advanced POST certificate.

Bilingual Pay: $50 per pay period for demonstrated proficiency in a second language.

Uniform Allowance: $550 per year. All uniforms, including safety vests, are provided.

Deferred Compensation: A Section 457 plan is available.

Medical/Dental Insurance: Up to $1,040 monthly ($667 monthly for Trainee) towards a selection of plans. Medical and dental insurance is effective the first of the second month after date of hire.

Optional Benefits Program: $462 monthly ($285 monthly for Trainee), which may be applied toward medical insurance premiums. Cash-out option is not available.

Vision Insurance: City paid coverage for employees and their dependents. Vision insurance is effective the first of the second month after date of hire.

Life Insurance: City paid term life insurance of $10,000.

Retirement: Employees are covered by the CalPERS retirement system. If you are a CalPERS retiree, please contact CalPERS to discuss the impact that employment in this position would have on your pension benefit.

Tier I - 3% @ 50/Single Highest Year of Compensation Period for Classic CalPERS members who were hired prior to July 24, 2011, or who worked for the City prior to July 24, 2011 and are returning to City employment. Employees make a 4.5% member contribution and 4.5% of the employer's share, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC. The City will contribute 4.5% of the member contribution and report the value to CalPERS as pensionable income.

Tier II - 3% @ 55/Single Highest Year of Compensation Period for employees hired on or after July 24, 2011 and prior to January 01, 2013, and for employees hired on or after January 01, 2013 who are considered Classic CalPERS members with less than a six-month break in service from another CalPERS or CalPERS'-reciprocal agency. Employees make a 4.5% member contribution and 4.5% of the employer's share, and may be subject to compensation limits per Section 401(a)(17) of the IRC. The City will contribute 4.5% of the member contribution and report the value to CalPERS as pensionable income.

Tier III - 2.7% @ 57/ Highest Three Consecutive Years of Compensation for employees hired on or after January 01, 2013 who are considered, "New Members." Employees will pay an 11.5% member contribution in accordance with Government Code Section 7522.30, and are subject to compensation limits per Government Code Section 7522.10. Additional details regarding the City's retirement plan will be provided to candidates during the job offer process.

Social Security: CalPERS members do not participate in Social Security retirement so there is no payroll deduction. Receiving a CalPERS benefit may affect your Social Security upon retirement. For further information contact a Social Security office or www.socialsecurity.gov/form1945 .

Medicare: Employees participate only in the Medicare portion of Social Security. There is a 1.45% payroll deduction for this benefit.

Holiday and Vacation: 22 days per year of combined holiday and vacation. Employees may cash out 120 hours of holiday time annually.

Personal Leave: 35 hours per calendar year.

Sick Leave: 8 hours accrued per month, up to 1,440 hours; 25% will be paid out at retirement with 10 years service.

Tuition Reimbursement: $2,500 per year for tuition and books for courses taken at accredited institution after completion of probationary period.

Student Loan Forgiveness: The City currently qualifies as an eligible employer for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

Direct Deposit: Paychecks are automatically deposited to employee accounts.

Workweek: Officers in Field Services work 12 hours per day, 3 days per week.

Wellness Program: A comprehensive program is available, including on-site gym, exercise classes, downtown/beach walking routes, weight loss, and tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

Professional Development: The City of Ventura is a LinkedIn Learning organization. LinkedIn Learning online classes are available with a library of more than 13,000 courses taught by real-world experts. Users can download certificates and customize learning paths that match their roles and competencies.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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