Sheriff's 911 Call Taker

  • San Andreas, California
  • Mar 08, 2024
Temporary Customer Service Emergency Management Public Safety
  • Salary: $19.28 - $23.44 Hourly USD Hourly
  • Salary Top: 23 USD Hourly

Job Description

Position Description

Under general supervision, performs a variety of duties involved in receiving, evaluating, prioritizing, and relaying 911, emergency, and non-emergency calls for service; inputs calls into computer system; operates a variety of telecommunications equipment including radio, telephone, and computer aided dispatch systems; and performs a wide variety of specialized clerical duties involved in the preparation, maintenance, and release of materials related to law enforcement activities.


The 911 Call Taker is the entry level classification of the Dispatcher series, which consists of the 911 Call Taker and Dispatcher (Entry Level and Lateral). The 911 Call Taker is distinguished from Dispatcher which is required to dispatch units and coordinate the responses of emergency personnel. While a background in similar tasks/duties may be helpful to the incumbent, direct experience in a police dispatch related environment is not necessary. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and may be eligible for advancement (reclassification) to Dispatcher-Entry Level if the incumbent meets the qualification standards of the Dispatcher Entry level classification, demonstrates an ability to perform the full scope of the work, has passed the probationary period, and meets performance standards. Incumbents are not automatically promoted to the higher level; available funding and the needs of the department determine the level of assignment. In addition, all requests for advancement are subject to final approval by the Sheriff, in consultation with the Human Resources Director.

Example of Duties

The following duties are typical for this classification. Incumbents may not perform all of the listed duties and/or may be required to perform additional or different duties from those set forth below to address business needs and changing business practices .
  • Receives, classifies, and prioritizes all incoming calls and texts to the dispatch center including 911 calls, emergency, and non-emergency calls received from citizens and allied agencies requesting service or information; operates a variety of public safety communications equipment including 911 emergency telephone equipment, computer aided dispatch systems, and multi-channel radio system.
  • Evaluates response necessary as dictated by a given request for service; determines nature, location, and priority of calls; operates computer aided dispatch system to create calls for service within response criteria guidelines; transfers calls to other appropriate agency in accordance with established procedures; obtains and dispatches other support services as necessary.
  • Monitors multiple radio frequencies; relays non-emergency information to public safety personnel in the field.
  • Retrieves and interprets information from local, state, and national computer networks regarding wanted persons, stolen property, vehicle registration, stolen vehicles, restraining orders, criminal histories, parolees, and other related information; relays information to officers in the field.
  • Operates computer terminals to enter, modify, and retrieve data such as stolen and recovered property, towed and stolen vehicles, missing and unidentified persons, citations, driver license and vehicle registration information, and warrants on wanted persons; composes and transmits messages to other agencies.
  • Enters and removes data and information from various local, statewide, and national law enforcement computer systems including the Records Management System (RMS), Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS), and National Crime Information Center (NCIC); provides support to officers by gathering information from various computer systems including DMV, CLETS, and the County’s KPF system.
  • Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications

The following generally describes the knowledge and ability required to enter the job and/or be learned within a short period of time in order to successfully perform the assigned duties.

Knowledge of:
  • Operations, services, and activities of a public safety telecommunications and dispatch center.
  • Operational characteristics of modern public safety telecommunications equipment including computer aided dispatch systems and multi-channel radio systems.
  • Law enforcement and emergency service procedures for responding to and handling reported incidents.
  • Techniques of questioning for both emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Methods and techniques of receiving, and prioritizing emergency and non-emergency calls for service.
  • Radio codes currently used by the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Functions of the Sheriff’s Office and other County departments.
  • Geographic features and locations within the area served.
  • English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Modern office procedures, methods, and computer equipment.
  • Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes, and regulations.
  • Methods and techniques of telephone etiquette.
  • Methods and techniques of conflict resolution.
  • Principles and procedures of record keeping.

Skill and Ability to:
  • Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.
  • Effectively communicate and elicit information from upset and irate callers.
  • Speak clearly and concisely in an understandable voice via radio and telephone and in person.
  • Hear and distinguish radio voice traffic within normal levels and over background noise.
  • Make independent decisions that affect the safety of public safety personnel, citizens, and property such as those involved in determining the urgency of requests received and the appropriate action to take.
  • Think quickly, calmly, and clearly in emergency situations.
  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Operate a variety of telecommunications receiving and transmitting equipment including radio transmitting communication equipment, teletype equipment, and computer equipment.
  • Operate specialized public safety computer systems and applications.
  • Read and interpret maps and other navigational resources and give directions.
  • Type and enter data accurately at a speed necessary for successful job performance.
  • Work under pressure, exercise good judgment, and make sound decisions in emergency situations.
  • Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
  • Interpret, apply, and explain applicable federal, state and local policies, procedures, laws, codes and regulations including police records retention and dissemination policies and procedures.
  • Maintain composure, alertness and concentration while working for extended periods of time.
  • Compile, maintain, process, and prepare a variety of records and reports.
  • Deal tactfully and courteously with the public reporting emergencies and seeking information or filing a report.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Training, Experience and Certifications:

Equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade AND one (1) year of work experience involving public contact.

Special Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire.
  • Incumbent will need to pass a background investigation which may include a polygraph, psychological and medical evaluation.

Bargaining Unit 10 - Calaveras County Public Service Employees Association

For available Health/Dental/Vision insurance please visit the County BENEFITS WEBPAGE.
Please note that Extra-hire positions that are benefitted, are only offered our CORE medical plan and are not offered dental or vision.

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Uniform Allowance:$650.04 per calendar year for specific positionssplit into monthly payments.Payments will be made monthly on the second pay check.Qualifying Classifications: Crime Scene Specialist/Property Room Manager, Deputy Probation Officer I/II/III, Correctional Cook I/II, Correctional Technician, Correctional Officer, Correctional Corporal, Correctional Sergeant, Dispatcher Clerk, Sr. Dispatcher, and Animal Control Officer I/II/III. The County shall pay a two hundred dollar and four cent ($200.04) per calendar year uniform maintenance allowance to Animal Shelter Assistant.

Uniform Allowance(Shirt):$200.04 per calendar year split into monthly payments.Qualifying Classifications: Animal Shelter Assistant

Professional Time Off: 80 hours annually, prorated to 40 hours if hired after July 1st. Qualifying Classifications: Deputy District Attorney I/II/III/IV

Extra-hire employees are not eligible for step advances, vacation, seniority rights, holiday pay or other certain employee benefits. They are entitled to 24 hours of sick leave per year and eligilbe for the county's CORE Medical plan but not eligible for dental or vision insurance.

Vacation days:

0 - 3 complete years = 80 hours per year.

After 6 months you can take your first week.

3 - 10 complete years = 120 hours per year

10 years+ = 160 per year

Holidays:13 paid holidays per year.

Life Insurance: $50,000.00 County paid

Sick Leave: 12 days annual sick leave accrual with unlimited accumulation.

Sick leave is accrued at 3.69 hours for each full 80 hours of payroll period.

60 hours of sick leave can be used for immediate family, parent spouse, child or sibling.

Merit: After successfully completing twenty-six (26) pay periods, a 5% merit increase may be granted.Merit increases may be granted annually thereafter to the top step.

Probation Period: New employees remain in a probationary status for 26 pay periods.

Longevity Incentives @ 2.5% for each of the following:
  • 5.5 years (if hired before March 28, 2005)
  • 6 years
  • 10 years
  • 15 years
  • 20 years
  • 25 years

Bi-Lingual pay:$50 per month for specific approved job classifications.

Flexible Spending: Pre-Tax Medical Reimbursement - Max contribution of $2,500 annually

Flexible Spending:Pre-Tax Dependent Care Account - Max contribution of $5,000 annually

Section 125 Plan:Additional insurance is available through the Section 125 plan and may be purchased from arepresentative during open enrollment or by appointment when they are on-site.

Heart & Stroke Insurance

Cancer Insurance

Accident Insurance

Universal Life Insurance

Short Term Disability Insurance




Extra-Hire's will be enrolled into Public Agency Retirement System (PARS) unless you are already a member of CalPERS.

SAFETY CalPERS:for Correctional Officer, Correctional Corporal, Correctional Sergeant and Deputy Probation Officer I/II/III.
PEPRA MEMBERS: 2.7% at 57

Additional Retirement Plan:

The County offers a 457(b) Government plan. Employees can contribute to this deferred compensation plan (Pre-Tax).The County currently utilizes VALIC.

Participating employees will receive a County paid match of up to $50 a month.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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