• Riverside, California
  • Apr 22, 2024
Full Time Public Safety
  • Salary: $71,844.00 Annually USD

Job Description

The Position

The City of Riverside Police Department is currently recruiting for highly motivated individuals for the position of Police Officer Trainee. This is a continuous recruitment.** Applications will be reviewed and those best meeting the needs of the department will be invited to the next step in the selection process.

Invited candidates will be required to attend and pass an Online Multiple Choice Exam, a Physical Agility Test (PAT), a review of their Personal History Statement (PHS), and an Interview. For more information regarding the application and selection process, click here .

Candidates successful in the selection process will complete a P.O.S.T. approved basic academy. Upon graduation from the basic police academy, applicants will be promoted to the position of Police Officer*. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity for those wanting to grow and advance in their careers and make a difference in their life and the life of others.

*Start salary upon promotion to Police Officer: $81,936 Annually.

The Riverside Police Department is dedicated to selecting only those individuals who meet the highest of professional standards with a commitment to serving all members of their community with sensitivity, empathy, and impartiality.

Police Officer Trainees under direct supervision, receive training in law enforcement related work that will lead to promotion to/or candidacy for a Police Officer position; display an awareness of and empathy towards all persons who they may come in contact with, and perform related duties as required.

**The City reserves the right to close this recruitment at any time without notice.

Work Performed

Typical duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Receive training at a POST approved Basic Police Academy in criminal and traffic investigation, laws of arrest, search and seizure, collection and preservation of evidence, report writing, first aide, arrest techniques, and use of firearms.
  • Participate in the taking of comprehensive subject matter examinations, physical conditioning activities, and other law enforcement related training.


Recruitment Guidelines:

Education : Equivalent to completion of twelfth grade.

Experience : None

Necessary Special Requirements
  • Possession of a valid class "C" California Motor Vehicle Operator's License.
  • Minimum age of 21 (At time of graduation from academy).
  • Height and weight in proportion to age.
  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States under federal law.
Additional Recruitment Guidelines :

Grooming Standards:

All applicants will present themselves in a professional manner throughout the entire testing process. This means no facial hair, ear plugs or hoop style ear rings. Males will have a well-groomed haircut with the back of their hair no longer than the bottom of their natural neck line. Females will have their hair pulled back into a pony tail or a bun if their hair is long enough to do so.

Both male and female applicants will dress themselves in a suit or formal business attire. No T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, shorts or sandals will be allowed as you are testing for a professional organization.

Tattoo Requirements:

All tattoos shall be covered by your business attire and no temporary cover-ups will be accepted.

All listed standards and requirements indicated on this flyer will be strictly enforced as they are in accordance with our current department policies. We also reserve the right to remove any applicant from the process if these standards are not adhered to.

Selection Process

The selection process will begin with an employment application package screening, with the best qualified candidates being invited to participate further in the assessment process. Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in an online multiple choice exam*. Applicants who achieve a passing score will be invited to participate in an oral interview**, and if successful, proceed to a Physical Agility Test (PAT) ***. As part of the screening process, candidates will also be required to complete a Personal History Statement (PHS) Candidates who are successful in the online examination, oral interview, and physical agility test MAY be invited to continue in the process. Additional phases of selection include successfully passing a background investigation, a polygraph, a psychological evaluation, a medical evaluation and a drug testing. Those who successfully complete the selection process will be placed on the eligibility list for this classification.

* The City of Riverside reserves the right to modify the online multiple choice exam process as it sees necessary .

**For the interview, applicants will be required to wear professional business attire and present themselves in an appropriate professional manner.

*** For the PAT, appropriate clothing should be worn. Shorts or loose-fitting clothes that do not restrict arm and leg movements, along with a comfortable athletic shoe, are suggested .

Suggestion: Candidates seeking to practice the Physical Agility Test (PAT) in preparation for the test , may do so by visiting Bordwell Park, located at 2008 Martin Luther King Blvd, Riverside, CA 92507 . Please be respectful of the park community at all times.

POST Standards Requirements:
Any visual defect must correct to 20/20 in both eyes. If soft contacts have been worn successfully for 3 months any defect is acceptable if corrected to 20/20. Must have passing score on color blindness test and depth perception. Applicants must be able to pass the POST Hearing in Noise Test (HINT). Weight must be in proportion to height as determined by a physician.

It is the responsibility of candidates with a disability requiring accommodation in the assessment process to contact the Human Resources Department in writing to request such accommodation prior to the closing date of this recruitment.

IMPORTANT : Appointment is subject to successful completion of a pre-employment background investigation, medical/physical examination, and drug and alcohol test; and may be subject to polygraph examination, and/or psychological examination As part of the background investigation, all claims of education and experience made in the employment application process, as well as other information submitted, will be verified. Appointed candidates are required to submit an official copy of educational transcripts verifying obtained degrees or certificates as indicated on the employment application.

NOTE : The City reserves the right to modify selection devices and test instruments in accordance with accepted legal, ethical, and professional standards. Candidates may reapply when there is a posting to establish an eligibility list. Some candidates may be disqualified indefinitely due to the results of their background investigation.

All applicants will be notified via e-mail or telephone of their application status and the assessment dates/times/locations after the closing date of this announcement.

The City of Riverside does not reimburse any expenses incurred as a result of this recruitment.


Special Classes PO Trainee:

The City offers an attractive benefits package, the central provisions of which are as follows:
  • Retirement for Classic Members - For employees hired after 1/1/2013 who are CLASSIC MEMBERS of California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) or a reciprocal agency as of 12/31/12 and have not been separated from service from such agency for six months or more, the retirement benefit shall be 2.7 % @ age 55; 3 year final compensation. The required employee contribution is 8%. The City does not participate in Social Security; thus, employees do not bear this additional 6.2% expense.
  • Retirement for New Members - For employees hired 1/1/2013 or later and who ARE NOT a member of the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) or a reciprocal agency as of 12/31/12, or those who have been separated from a public agency which contracts with CalPERS or a reciprocal agency for six months or more, the retirement benefit shall be 2% at age 62; 3 year final compensation. The required employee contribution is 50% of the normal cost and is subject to change per CalPERS every fiscal year. The City does not participate in Social Security; thus, employees do not bear this additional 6.2% expense.
  • Health Insurance - The City offers six health insurance plans and contributes up to $1,575 per month for employee and dependent coverage.
  • Dental Insurance - The City provides three dental insurance plans and contributes up to $45 per month.
  • Vision Insurance - The City provides vision coverage through Vision Service Plan (VSP) for employees and their dependents that are enrolled in medical coverage.
  • Life Insurance - The City provides and pays for term life insuranceequal to $100,000. Additional Life Insurance is available and voluntary for employee and eligible dependents (up to $300k).
  • Deferred Compensation - The City contributes $25 a month with a minimum employee contribution of $12.50 per check. Participation in the deferred compensation plan is optional.
  • Leave Benefits - Includes vacation leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, and holiday benefits.
  • Flexible Spending Account - The City offers a Health Care and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Plan for optional participation.
  • LegalEase Plan - Optional legal services plan for employees and eligible dependents.
  • Critical Illness Plan - Optional critical illness insurance plan for employees and eligible dependents.
  • State Disability Insurance - Automatic coverage administered by the Employee Development Department (EDD) of the State of California
For additional benefits information, please visit the following website: https://www.riversideca.gov/human/employee-hub/benefits/about-1

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

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