Senior Deputy Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General

  • State of Nevada
  • Carson City, Nevada
  • Sep 05, 2023
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Job Description

Announcement Number: 1069225575

1B Attorney General
First Assistant Attorney General
Second Assistant Attorney General
3B Chief of Staff
General Counsel
Solicitor General
Transportation Division
1263 South Stewart Street, Room 315
Carson City, Nevada 89712
Position Announcement - Open Recruitment
Carson City
POSITION TITLE: May be filled with either
Senior or Deputy Attorney General
Salary Range: Senior Deputy Attorney General:
$122,732.64 - $136,133.00(Employer/Employee Paid Retirement)
$105,130.80- $116,602.00 (Employee Paid Retirement)
Deputy Attorney General:
$91,224.72- $121,803.00 (Employer/Employee Paid Retirement)
$78,132.96 - $104,328.00 (Employee Paid Retirement)
DUTY STATION AND HOURS: The position may be filled in the Carson City office
of the Nevada Attorney General's Office; generally, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m., although flexible and/or condensed schedules may be requested, and early
morning, evening and weekend hours may be required depending on particular issues
and case events. There may be travel and overnight stay requirements.
POSITION STATUS: Exempt (FLSA); serves at the will of the Attorney General;
employment with the Attorney General's office is contingent upon completion of
NCIC/NCJIS, and a fingerprint criminal history check.
POSITION SUMMARY: This position provides legal advice and counsel to and
representation for the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) on a wide variety
of issues and in multiple areas of law. This position has litigation and may have
appellate duties.
Telephone: 775-888-7420
Fax: 775-888-7309
Twitter: @NevadaAG
Facebook: /NVAttorneyGeneral
YouTube: /NevadaAG

Unclassified - Position Announcement - Internal Recruitment
TRANSPORTATION DIVISION (NDOT) - to be filled in Carson City
XAMPLES OF DUTIES: Duties include day-to-day legal advice primarily in the
following areas of law: real estate, eminent domain/condemnation, inverse condemna-
tions, contracts, torts, construction, and environmental. Duties include providing
specialized legal advice to NDOT regarding methods of procurement of multi-million
dollar federal and state highway projects. These methods are increasingly complex and
this position works closely with the client to provide timely and effective assistance in
these and other areas, including public-private procurement partnerships, design-build
procurement, e-bidding, and contract compliance. This high-level specialized
knowledge often assists NDOT in making major project decisions on short notice which
are of great importance to the state and to industry moving into the state. Duties may
also include litigation in prosecuting and defending state and federal lawsuits and
administrative matters, as well as opinion writing, drafting and reviewing policies and
KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Applicants must have or develop knowledge of adminis-
trative law and practice and laws pertaining to State government affairs including
contracting authority, the legislative process and open meeting laws. Applicants must
have or develop knowledge in the substantive law of eminent domain/condemnation,
contracts, torts, construction, and environmental. Applicants must also have or
develop knowledge of State and federal civil procedure and rules of evidence.
Applicants must have litigation experience in one or more of the foregoing areas of law.
Applicants must have or develop a working knowledge of NRS Chapter 37 Eminent
Domain, NRS Chapter 405 Control and Preservation of Public Highways, NRS Chapter
408 Highways, Roads and Transportation Facilities and NRS Chapter 241 Nevada's
Open Meeting Law, parliamentary procedure (Roberts' Rules) and applicable attorney
ethical rules.
Skills Required: Applicants must possess skill in effective analysis of complex
legal problems and the proper application of legal principles to resolve problems.
Applicants must be able to research legal issues using online computerized legal
research tools and engines and draft legal documents including contracts and agree-
ments. Applicants must have effective skills in written and verbal communication,
presentation of administrative and judicial cases and effective appellate advocacy.
Applicants must be able to function when necessary, as part of a team, contributing
effectively to the accomplishments of team or Office goals, objectives, and activities.
Applicants must be highly professional, well-organized, self-motivated, punctual and
prompt, and must possess leadership skills or potential. Applicants must also have
excellent time management skills and good interpersonal skills.

Unclassified - Position Announcement - Internal Recruitment
TRANSPORTATION DIVISION (NDOT) - to be filled in Carson City
PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position requires: mobility to work in a typical office
setting; the ability to use standard office equipment and to travel to client offices and
locations and courts in various parts of the State; vision to read printed materials and
a computer screen; and hearing and clear speech to communicate understandably in
person and over the telephone and to hear and respond to questions. Accommodation
may be made for some of these physical demands for otherwise qualified individuals
who require and request such accommodation.
BAR ADMISSION AND EXPERIENCE: Applicants must possess a certificate of
admission to the Bar of the State of Nevada and be eligible to practice law before the
courts of the State of Nevada and the federal district and appellate courts. Litigation
experience in one or more of the foregoing substantive areas of law is required.
This Position Announcement lists the major duties and requirements of the
position and is not all-inclusive. The successful applicant may be expected to
perform additional job-related duties and may be required to have or develop
additional specific job-related knowledge and skills.
Interested candidates should email or hand-deliver his or her cover letter, resume, and
writing sample to:
Lori M. Story, Chief Deputy Attorney General
Alice Coffman, Supervising Legal Secretary
Office of the Attorney General
1263 South Stewart Street, Room 315
Carson City, NV 89712
The State of Nevada is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative
Action in recruitment of its employees and does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, religion or belief, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender
identity or expression, pregnancy, domestic partnership, genetic information (GINA), or
compensation and/or wages.

Closing Date/Time: Until recruitment needs are satisfied

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