• San Lorenzo Unified School District
  • 15510 Usher St, San Lorenzo, California
  • Dec 17, 2023
Full Time Education and Training
  • Salary: $26.12 Hourly USD

Job Description

Basic Function

Under the direction of an assigned administrator, perform a variety of instructional support duties involved in providing instructional assistance to individuals and small groups of special education students with moderate to severe disabilities; assist in providing learning activities and meeting the special needs of assigned students in areas related to feeding, toileting, positioning, hygiene, motor skill, sensory and physical therapy functions; monitor health conditions; perform a variety of clerical duties as assigned.

Essential Functions

There are four classes of Paraeducator supporting Special Education services. Each class is distinguished by higher level duties and responsibilities, with the Paraeducator Special Ed - Level II being the second level in this series of classes. Below are the distinguishing characteristics between each level:
Paraeducator Special Ed - Level I : Employees in this class serve students with mild to moderate disabilities and provide instructional support to individuals or small groups of students.
Paraeducator Special Ed - Level II : Employees in this class typically serve students with moderate to severe disabilities, and provide instructional support as well as physical support to students with moderate to severe physical orthopedic and/or intellectual disabilities, in addition to serving younger disabled students that require assistance with toileting/diapering.
Paraeducator Special Ed - Level III : Employees in this class serve students who require 1:1 support more than 50% of the work day, and provide intensive behavioral and/or physical support to students with moderate to severe disabilities. This class is also distinguished by more experience in data collection and academic modification.
Paraeducator Special Ed - Level IV : Employees in this class are distinguished by highly specialized training and experience in identifying specific deficits and suggesting instructional supports and behavioral modifications. Employees in this class are assigned individual caseloads and are skilled in developing data collection and tracking systems.


Assist with the development, preparation, and reinforcement of learning materials and in the performance of other instructional activities for assigned physically/severely handicapped special education program; assist assigned teacher with the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) ; provide input into the development of individual educational goals and objectives as assigned .

Assist students with independent living skills and personal hygiene, brushing teeth and grooming as required; assist students with eating activities; toilet students and change diapers and soiled clothing as required.

Accompany students to regular education classrooms and/or in the community; adapt and modify lessons or materials to meet the individual needs of the students.

Monitor and assist students with activities to develop small muscle and eye-hand coordination; assist children in learning gross motor skills; assist students in learning fine motor skills such as reaching, grabbing, folding and cutting.

Assist students in the use of various orthopedic devices, classroom computers, adaptive equipment, and electronic communication devices.

Assist students with goal work and class work; modify work using approved accommodations including gestural, written and verbal prompts; redirect student attention back to task as needed; lead activities or provide support at language centers, circle/music time, toy and outside time, sensory/occupational therapy time and snack/lunch time.

Confer with teachers and specialists concerning programs and materials to meet student needs; notify teacher of any special problems or information concerning students; adapt and modify lessons or materials to meet the individual needs of the students.

Assist staff with the preparation of instructional and testing materials; assist in administering tests; assist in the preparation of graphic and written teaching materials.

Assist individual or small groups of students with academic, social skills and the achievement of IEP goals ; reinforce instruction to individuals or small groups in a variety of subjects; develop creative methods and techniques for working with students within the suggested framework of the teacher; review plans with the teacher to ensure correct teaching techniques are being utilized for each student.

Assist in evaluating student progress in a wide variety of skills; correct papers; report progress regarding student performance and behavior to the teacher; assist staff in administering assessment tests as assigned by the position.

Observe and manage behavior and safety of students according to approved procedures; assist in maintaining order among the students in the classroom and on the school grounds and field/community trips; accompany students going from one location to another; a ccompany students to and from the bus; accompany students in off campus events and outings and monitor, model and guide behavior in accordance with established standards of conduct

Record information, compile data and maintain records, files, and assemble packets and materials for students.

Provide support to the teacher by setting up work areas, displays, and exhibits, operating audiovisual equipment and educational training equipment, distributing and collecting papers and supplies, preparing bulletin board materials, and decorating the classroom; assist in maintaining a neat, orderly, and attractive learning environment.

Assist in assessing programs and materials to meet the needs of the students; collect, assemble, and distribute learning materials, supplies, equipment, and other resource materials; order instructional materials and aids as necessary.

Operate a variety of standard office equipment including a telephone, copier, computer and assigned software.

Perform feeding and positioning techniques as prescribed and under the direction of teacher, nurse, specialist or doctor; provide routine first aid to injured students according to established procedures as needed; monitor students for seizures and other health conditions as assigned.

Perform related duties as assigned.
May provide specialized medical services in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement.


General needs, learning styles, and behavior of individuals with disabilities
Problems and concerns of students with special education needs.
Child guidance principles
Practices related to individuals with special education needs.
Basic subjects taught in schools.
Correct English usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Modern instructional equipment, practices and techniques.
Basic record keeping procedures.
General methods of education and tutoring.
General needs, learning styles, and behavior of students.
Child development theory and principles.
Techniques to motivate students and manage student behavior.
Safe work practices.
Basic first aid, CPR and CPI techniques.

Implement facilitated communication and augmentative communication systems, behavior management techniques, and District approved physical restraint techniques as necessary.
Demonstrate and implement behavior management techniques.
Reinforce instruction to individual or small groups of students with moderate to severe disabilities, including but not limited to students with orthopedic/physical impairments as directed by the teacher.
Assist in the preparation of instructional materials and implementation of individual education plans.
Assist with the instructional and related activities of the assigned learning environment.
Support the assigned teacher's style of classroom management.
Supervise students according to approved policies and procedures.
Operate modern instructional equipment including computer equipment.
Learn the procedures and functions necessary to perform assigned duties.
Learn instructional terminology, program philosophies, concepts, materials, methods, and procedures.
Learn child guidance principles and practices.
Interact effectively and sensitively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
Perform clerical duties including filing and duplicating.
Maintain accurate records.
Maintain confidentiality of student and school information.
Demonstrate an understanding, patient, and receptive attitude toward children.
Understand and follow oral and written instructions.
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Administer basic first aid and CPR as needed.

Education & Experience Requirements


Any combination of education and/or experience equivalent to: High school diploma or equivalent and one year experience working with individuals with special education needs preferably in an educational environment.


Valid First Aid and CPR certificates issued by an authorized agency.
Must meet requirements specified under the Federal Accountability mandates.


Classroom environment.

Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate standard office and classroom equipment.
Sitting or standing for extended periods of time.
Bending at the waist, kneeling or crouching to assist students.

Selection Process

The examination process for this recruitment may be comprised of one or any combination of the following: screening of the applicant’s training, background, and experience; scored evaluation of responses on a supplemental application; written examination(s); qualifications appraisal oral examination; performance examination; or technical oral examination, scored on a job-related basis.

A background check will be conducted to all candidates that will be considered. There is a $74 fingerprint fee that the candidate is responsible for and a clearance of Tuberculosis is also required prior to beginning work.

This announcement will remain open until a sufficient pool of substitutes has been established.


Interested applicant may view the benefits plans available to classified employees of the San Lorenzo Unified School District by clicking on the following link:

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Job Address

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