A Career In Public Safety

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A Career In Public Safety

Posted on March 13th, by Charles Moore in About the Public Sector. No Comments

In pursuing A Career In Public Safety, I needed a new suit for several upcoming interviews as I ventured into a career in Public Safety. I visited a men’s clothing store and was helped by a salesman who presented himself with a “kindred spirit” like connection. In the course of our conversations I discovered a … Read More »

Ageism and Your Job Search

Posted on March 13th, by Sabrina Baker in Career Advice. No Comments

A common concern of job seekers who have more tenure in their career is that they are afraid they are being overlooked because of their age.  Ageism, or stereotyping and discriminating against individuals based on age, unfortunately does happen in our society.  In fact, I would contend that it may be in the top three … Read More »

Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?

Posted on March 12th, by Stacy Miller in networking/interviewing. No Comments

What did you answer the last time a hiring manager asked you why you were the best person for the job during an interview?  A lot of us can look back over our job searches and remember times we fumbled with this common interview question.  After all, “best” is a pretty subjective definition, and odds … Read More »

Why We Need More Women in Government

Posted on March 12th, by Sandra Mills in Career Advice, Trends. No Comments

Government officials are the representatives of the people, whether they are working at the local, state or even federal level. The problem with the government is that men significantly outnumber women as representatives. The United States has a very low rate of representation by women, and it is time to make changes so that more … Read More »

Performance Management: A Leadership Perspective

Posted on March 12th, by Antony Rivera in education/training. No Comments

Recently, I have been challenged to understand the relationship between leadership and performance management.    This relationship is important to understand because performance metrics are found everywhere.   You can’t escape them.   From test scores, to quotas, to yearly reviews, performance indicators are relied upon to assess your contribution to your organization.  You are compared, ranked and … Read More »

Fire Service Resume: Is It Good Enough to Get a Job? Part 2

Posted on March 12th, by Bob Atlas in on the job. No Comments

Welcome back!  Are you ready for the second installment of “Your Resume, Is It Good Enough To Get You A Job”?  In part one of this series we identified the major topic headings of your resume.

To recap, they are:  Professional Experience, Education, Certifications and Qualifications and Community Involvement / Special Related Interests.  You can use … Read More »

International Relations Fields of Study

Posted on March 12th, by John Sinden in on the job. No Comments

Earning a master’s degree in international relations (IR) is a great way to build your resume in preparation for employment with the federal government. In fact, most IR positions require job candidates to have a master’s degree. A new entrant into this job market will quickly realize, however, that choosing a specialization within the IR … Read More »

5 Simple Questions That Can Help You Find Your Passion

Posted on March 11th, by Christie Mims in Career Advice. No Comments

Finding your passion can often feel like an overwhelming task. There are tons of assessments, questions, blogs, books and speeches out there, and wading through them all is a gargantuan project. Whew! It’s hard to know where to start.But what if starting was actually easier than you think?  What if finding your passion could begin … Read More »

Three Reasons Why Your Federal Resume Is Failing

Posted on March 11th, by Deb Wheatman in resumes/cover letters. No Comments

What amount of competition are you facing when you apply for a federal job? Would it surprise you to know that federal job postings are attracting hundreds of applicants for a single job opening? The National Park Service recently received 400 applicants for a communications position. Other areas of the federal government report resume workshops … Read More »

LinkedIn: Construct a Clickable and Compelling headline

Posted on March 11th, by Karalyn Brown in Trends. No Comments

So you’re pretty chuffed with your job title and like so many others have included it in your LinkedIn headline.  The truth is, to make the right first impression you need more than a fancy job title (and good dress sense).  The highly valuable headline space is your opportunity to stand out.

It may be the … Read More »