10 Tips to Writing the Perfect Resume

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10 Tips to Writing the Perfect Resume

Posted on March 11th, by Gavin Redelman in resumes/cover letters. No Comments

If you are a current job seeker you no doubt have one more thing to stress about – writing the perfect resume. The resume is often regarded as one of the most difficult documents to develop. An effectively written resume will get the reader’s attention within the first 20 seconds. However, with such demand for … Read More »

A Sprint to Courage

Posted on March 11th, by Stan Skipworth in Career Advice. No Comments

Several years ago while facilitating a leadership course, I had the privilege to meet and converse at length with former United States Track & Field sprinter and 1968 Olympic Bronze Medalist John Carlos. You may remember well the lasting image of John, his teammate Tommie Smith (Gold Medalist), and Australian Peter Norman (Silver), as the three … Read More »

What You Absolutely Must Bring to the Interview

Posted on March 11th, by Erin Kennedy in networking/interviewing. No Comments

It’s two-fold, really. First though, let’s talk about the tangible items. Look at the job applicant in this picture. He looks professional, doesn’t he? Now imagine if, instead of that nice leather padfolio under his hands, he had a spiral superhero notebook. Or a graffiti-encrusted three-ring binder from his school years. Or (40-somethings will get … Read More »

Turn Job And Career Adversity To Your Advantage

Posted on March 11th, by David Shindler in Career Advice. No Comments

Are you a Positive Persuader or a Cautious Realist when it comes to your job and career? Do you see sunshine or showers? Both of these perspectives have their pros and cons, yet seeing them as mutually exclusive can be unhelpful. This article looks at how you can marry the two to move you forward … Read More »

Local Government: Continued Erosion of Faith and Trust

Posted on March 11th, by Jonathan Sweet in About the Public Sector. 2 comments

The Effects of ‘Community Warming’ 

Local governments, public servants and their respective communities across the country are beginning to face the wrath of a phenomenon known as ‘Community Warming’.  This drastic change in community climate is a direct result of manmade environmental conditions that have led to the continued erosion of faith, confidence … Read More »

An Open Letter to My (Almost) Colleague

Posted on March 11th, by Lori Sassoon in networking/interviewing. No Comments

When we first met, there was so much promise. You said I had everything you were looking for, and I saw the same in you.  Our past experiences seemed to have woven themselves together into a red carpet that led you straight to me. It only took our meeting a few times to know it … Read More »

How You Can Be A Top-Tier Candidate

Posted on March 11th, by Pete Radloff in networking/interviewing. No Comments

Recruiters are in a unique position, in that what we do is neither purely art nor purely science. It isn’t always about the ‘best’ resume, the pedigree school, or the numerous accolades. Occasionally different attributes cloud the clear-cut decision based on skills, especially if that is critical in the position.  Sometimes it’s really all about … Read More »

Veterans in the Workplace: Transitioning From Military to Civilian

Posted on March 11th, by Gonzalo Duran in eligibility/hiring issues. No Comments

It is a tough shift for some to segue from an enlisted or commissioned member of the military to a civilian. What is lost in the transition process is how valuable a Veteran is! What would make that individual marketable in the work place you ask? Let me paint you a picture of the average … Read More »

Basic Training for Job Seekers: 2014 Style

Posted on February 15th, by Mark Babbitt in Career Advice. No Comments

“What’s the one thing I need to do to stand out among so many applicants?”

That is the question – after speaking engagements, webinars and Twitter chats – that I get most often from young careerists.

Beyond the first-handshake meeting, I rarely know the passions, major, career goals of the person asking the question, so I usually … Read More »

Public Speaking Tips For Your Public Sector Job

Posted on February 15th, by Amy DeWolf in on the job. No Comments

For many of us, public speaking is something we dread (think of the little boy with glossophobia in the Google commercial). Statistics estimate that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking. But public speaking is a fact of life and an important skill to master. In government, it is often the way … Read More »