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  • Manatee County, FL is Hiring!
    Located midway along the west coast of Florida, the county is bordered on the north by Hillsborough County and on the south by Sarasota County. Bradenton is the largest city in Manatee County with a population of 50,475 and serves as the county seat. The county's population has grown 20% to 333,880 in 2013. Manatee County has a diversified economic base with the three largest industry sectors being services, retail and manufacturing. The county also has a strong tourism and agricultural base. 
  • Maricopa County OET is Hiring!
    As Maricopa County's business environment becomes more complex, the Office of Enterprise Technology (OET) is often called upon to facilitate automation solutions that improve operational efficiency.  The OET is Maricopa County's centralized IT organization which provides varying levels of IT services to over 50 county departments. Our professional staff helps guide the IT decisions made by County leaders in departments whose expertise is not information technology. Great career opportunities await!