Government and public sector employee associations provide valuable training, resources and networking opportunities for members and non-members alike. Associations are often essential in providing information about professional standards, licensing requirements and posting targeted job opportunities in the field. We encourage you to contact us with associations you think will be valuable to others.

Photo of The International Association of Women Police

The International Association of Women Police

Work P.O. Box 2710 Phoenix AZ 85002 Work Phone: +1 301.464.1402Work Fax: +1 877.678.4942Work Phone: 602-382-8751Website: Website


September 2007 ARTICLE III Mission Vision and Guiding Values

1. Mission: To strengthen, unite and raise the profile of women in criminal justice internationally. 2. Vision: For women’s lives to be free from discrimination, valued for their contribution, and treated with respect and dignity. To contribute by being an example of excellence in securing a safe, harmonious workplace and society as partners in safety in the criminal justice system 3. Guiding Values:

A. Embrace Diversity           B. Be Open Honest and Fair           C. Listen to our Members           D. Operate Professionally           E. Change to Improve

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