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National Association of Wastewater Technicians

Work P.O. Box 220 Three Lakes WI 54562 Work Phone: 1-800-236-NAWTWork Fax: 1-715-546-3786Website: Website



The MISSION of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians is to unify the voice of the sanitary liquid waste management industry, while increasing its professionalism and public image through education of industry members and the public, and the development and national representation of individual, state, and regional chapters, allowing our industry to exchange ideas and concerns for the betterment of our members, the environment, and the general public.



  • Be the effective voice of the industry, an industry that provides essential services to maintaining a healthful environment.
  • Overcome the problem that our industry has not been recognized and  addressed by elected and appointed officials on all levels of  government.
  • Give national support for positions taken by state and local groups  on legislative and regulatory issues consistent with federal standards.
  • Be the information center for the industry and serve as a  communication and education conduit for the gamut of people from public  officials to the homeowner.
  • Assist in developing, organizing, and building membership in state associations.
  • Identify, organize, and utilize the purchasing power of the  Association to the advantage of its members in the area of products and  service we use.


  • We advocate the use of the best approved  methods of collection, transportation, beneficial reuse, and treatment  of septage and sanitary waste in compliance with all Federal, State,  and Local regulations.
  • We advocate the use of the best cost effective approved  technologies available to construct, rehabilitate, and maintain on-site  sewage disposal systems, that are environmentally sound.
  • We advocate education of our customers, our employees, and ourselves to better protect the public’s health and the environment.
  • We endeavor to conduct ourselves in a professional manner in order  to maintain a proper level of trust with the public, our competitors,  and the various regulatory bodies we encounter.
  • We endeavor to provide appropriate credible assistance and input in the rule making process.
  • We endeavor to consider and evaluate the view points of all parties  towards the betterment and general well being of the public and our  profession.
  • Individually, and as an organization, we endeavor to do all we can to improve all aspects of our industry.
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P.O. Box 220 Three Lakes WI 54562

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