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Photo of The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at GW

The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration at GW

School 805 21st St. NW Suite 601 Washington D.C. 20052 Work Phone: 202.994.6295Work Fax: 202.994.6792Website: Website


Director’s Message

Welcome to the Trachtenberg  School of Public Policy and Public Administration. I am very proud of our supportive  and engaging community of faculty, students, staff and alumni.
We welcome students with  wide-ranging backgrounds and interests, and offer graduate programs that  embrace multiple perspectives and practical knowledge to prepare students for  active and reflective engagement in local, national, and global policy and  governance.  All three of our degree  programs offer rigorous multi-disciplinary curricula that prepare students for  careers in federal, state, and local governments; nonprofit, academic, and  research organizations; and international organizations.

The Trachtenberg School  faculty are committed to effective teaching and active scholarship to serve the  public interest and enhance the quality of democratic governance. Faculty  members, students and alumni contribute to the debates surrounding important  national and international policy issues.

Six pillars support our community:

  • Leadership. Cultivating leadership in public service is a fundamental       objective of the Trachtenberg School. Opportunities for leadership are       available through the student associations, MPAA and PPSA, and the       student journal, Policy       Perspectives. In addition,       faculty advising and mentoring fosters growth in students and strengthens       our community.
  • Service. Service       is an integral part of the Trachtenberg School community, with students       and faculty participating in a wide variety of outreach efforts. Our faculty and students regularly provide valuable research and evaluation       assistance  pro bono to the District of Columbia and       federal government agencies, nonprofits, international organizations, and       other public organizations throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area       to improve the community and public services offered to citizens. And       Trachtenberg School students have tutored students at the Anacostia Senior       High School for over two decades.
  • Collaboration. Students work closely with nationally and internationally       recognized faculty on research both in the classroom and in research       institutes affiliated with the Trachtenberg School, such as The George Washington Institute of       Public Policy (GWIPP) and the       Center for Washington Areas Studies (CWAS).
  • Professional Development. An extensive array of career development activities  are offered       by the Trachtenberg School to help students take maximum advantage of the       numerous internship and development opportunities available to them.
  • Policy relevant research. Students have the opportunity to specialize in a       diverse set of public administration and policy fields. Based upon the visibility of our faculty       research, many of these fields rank in the top 20 by US News and World       Report, including public administration and management, public policy       analysis, public finance and budgeting, and health policy and management.
  • Flexibility. Our programs offer the same classes for both working       professionals and students seeking an interdisciplinary approach to public       policy and administration.  Most of our students are working, either       in internships or in full-time positions, and we have designed our       curricula with this in mind.         And while our School is the focal point for public policy in the       university, there are many other programs offering courses pertinent to       our students’ interests across the many schools at GW.

I am proud to be part of a  community of scholars who maintain the highest standards in research, teaching,  and service and who care deeply about teaching and advising our next generation  of leaders and scholars. I encourage you to learn more about life in and  outside the classroom at the Trachtenberg School by visiting our website or  scheduling a visit to meet with us in the heart of Washington, DC.

Kathryn E. Newcomer     Director, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration     Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration

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805 21st St. NW Suite 601 Washington D.C. 20052

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