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The following directory of executive search firms is an informative service for both public sector employers and job seekers alike. Executive search firms provide a variety of important and valuable services which include: personnel management and classification systems development; candidate recruitment and testing; test development and training; and general consultation on human resources-related topics.

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Contact: Chuck Rohre
Work 2500 Dallas Parkway Suite 300 Plano Texas 75093 Work Phone: (214) 842-6478Website: Website


Technology breakthroughs. Sweeping legislation. Shifting demographics. These are everyday headlines that remind us change is constant. Yet the word “change” can have negative connotations. It suggests a loss of control. It can be threatening. It is something to resist.

So we describe change as progress because that is exactly what is happening at Baker Tilly. It is a subtle yet important nuance. Progress implies forward motion, forward-thinking. Change happens to us. Progress happens because of us.

Our fundamental purpose is to enhance and protect our clients’ value. The value they created. The value they want to keep and grow. Every day, our people solve our clients’ most pressing problems — and help them seize new opportunities. They are smart and talented, and they love what they do. Their dedication to our clients and each other is unmatched. Their optimism for what’s next is contagious. Our clients trust us to help shape their future, today. And for that we are grateful.

Together, let’s keep the momentum going.

Now, for tomorrow.


  • Making a difference for our clients
    We create genuine relationships and meaningful experiences with our clients to solve their most pressing problems and seize opportunities. What’s more, our network members collaborate seamlessly to serve our clients across the globe.
  • Making a difference for our people
    Our profession is dynamic, and our firm and our network are innovative and growing. This gives team members rewarding opportunities at every stage of their career.
  • Making a difference for our communities
    We are vested in the communities where we live and work, making a difference for future generations.
  • Making a difference for our profession
    We shape our profession through leadership roles in key organizations. Our network’s global influence makes us outstanding advocates for our profession.
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2500 Dallas Parkway Suite 300 Plano Texas 75093

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