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Bernard Hodes Group

Work 1065 East Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 112 Foster City CA 94404 USAWork 4725 Alla Road Marina Del Rey CA 90292 USAWork 200 East Randolph Street Chicago IL 60601 USAWWork 220 East 42nd Street 14th Floor New York NY 10017 USAWork Phone: (888) 438-9911Website: website


Way back in 1970 Hodes set out to redefine help-wanted advertising with a fresh, creative, “big picture” approach to solving recruitment problems.

Today we’re a world leader in integrated talent solutions. We continue to promote growth and change in our marketplace, while advancing the state of our art. We remain dedicated to the three elements upon which we built our agency: service, creativity and respect. And our track record as innovators, both through creativity and technology, continues to grow.

Hodes truly believes that Talent Matters, and that starts with valuing our own people. And not just their skills meeting clients’ needs, but those special charateristics and talents that they bring to our workplace every day. Take a peek inside and meet some of the individuals that make Hodes so special.

Bernard Hodes Group knows that nothing adds more value to your organization than talent. We help our client partners find their very best talent every day by creating strong, resilient, and honest employer brands.

We approach your brand using the Hodes 360 Process: Assess > Strategize > Implement > Measure. This process ensures ROI by consistently measuring our efforts against expected results and allowing us to adapt our strategies to the constantly shifting landscape.

We begin assessing your employer brand as viewed through the Talent Talent Lifecycle. As talent progresses from Candidate to New Hire to valued Employee, their needs and perceptions change. Hodes then strategizes the best solutions possible to address the unique strengths — and weaknesses — of your employer brand and how it communicates with your customers. And with the Bernard Hodes Global Network you’re able to implement these solutions at the local, regional, and even global level, depending on your needs and the needs of your talent.

Finally, we hold ourselves accountable through continued measurement. As a true partnership, our success is only based on your success and we seek out every opportunity for improvement.

Why do we go to such great lengths for our client partners? Simple. Because Talent Matters.

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1065 East Hillsdale Blvd. Suite 112 Foster City CA 94404 USA

4725 Alla Road Marina Del Rey CA 90292 USA

200 East Randolph Street Chicago IL 60601 USAW

220 East 42nd Street 14th Floor New York NY 10017 USA

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