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The following directory of executive search firms is an informative service for both public sector employers and job seekers alike. Executive search firms provide a variety of important and valuable services which include: personnel management and classification systems development; candidate recruitment and testing; test development and training; and general consultation on human resources-related topics.

Please do not send unsolicited resumes to executive search firms unless you are applying for a specific position for which they are conducting an active recruitment.

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Colin Baenziger & Associates

Work 2055 South Atlantic Avenue Suite 504 Daytona Beach Shores FL 32118 USAWork Phone: (561) 707-3537Work Fax: (561) 792-2137Website: Website


Candidates often ask us for advice about how to present themselves to potential employers. While it is aimed primarily at the public sector and city manager positions in particular, much of it is applicable to the private sector as well. We hope the information provided in this section of our website will be helpful.

Note that the materials provided herein are designed to be used together. We suggest, for example, that when you are reading the resume section, first print out the sample resumes and have them on hand as you read the section on constructing a good resume. The same is true of the references, cover letter and so on. Please contact us if you have any thoughts or suggestions about this section of our website.

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2055 South Atlantic Avenue Suite 504 Daytona Beach Shores FL 32118 USA


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