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WBCP, Inc.

Contact: Wendi Brown
Work 360 Riverside Avenue Gold Hill Oregon 97525 Work Phone: 866-929-9227Website: Website


WBCP has over 20 years of experience providing search services and organizational consulting to public sector and nonprofit organizations. We currently serve the states of California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona, and continue to branch out to other states. WBCP has an exceptional track record of securing amazing candidates and providing an excellent customer service experience.

What our Customers Say:

What Our Clients Say

Search Services – WBCP provides full and partial search services, executive and civil services recruitments, stakeholder engagement services, and background investigations:
Executive Recruiting
Full executive search services for public sector and nonprofit organizations and we guarantee our placements for a minimum of 18 months.
Partial Recruiting
WBCP offers partial search services tailored to meet your specific needs and at a reduced rate
Civil Service Recruitments
WBCP has over 20 years of conducting at will and civil service recruitments and we work with your staff and applicant tracking systems to support your specific needs
Recruitment Consulting and Training Services
We can set you up for success by improving search services and processes within your organization.
Background Investigations
WBCP provides investigative background services.
Not only are we exceptional recruiters, business partners and facilitators, we know how to work effectively with your staff, constituents, community stakeholders and elected officials.
Marketing and Branding
We use a comprehensive marketing campaign and compelling marketing materials to brand your organization as an employer of choice and attract the ideal candidate to apply.
Job Board
Check out our job board at Our job board includes our current and past recruitments we have managed. Take a look at the brochures for an insight into what separates us from our competition.

Consulting Services:
Organizational Assessment and Development
WBCP studies address the strengths, weaknesses, and barriers of your organization.
Classification and Compensation Studies
Our classification and compensation studies allow your organization to negotiate compensation packages and attract ideal candidates.
Job Description Development
WBCP’s revised job descriptions attract ideal candidates and provide flexibility to meet current and future organizational and recruitment needs.
Polaris® Competency Integration
Polaris® is a competency model that provides an organizational assessment and development system applied across an organization to define roles, perform needs assessments, and improve selection, performance, and training.
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WBCP Executive Search:

  • Recruit and fill executive, management, and hard-to-fill positions in public sector and nonprofit organizations
  • Ability to work in multiple industries
  • Connect the best talent to the right position and organization
  • Provide customized and innovative talent management strategies
  • Improve your employer of choice brand 

WBCP Communication & Strategy:

  • Provide in depth communication and strategy services
  • Craft innovative marketing solutions that meet your organization’s unique needs
  • Strengthen your corporate identity
  • Craft, strengthen and communicate your brand message across multiple platforms
  • Ensure meaningful and lasting connections with your customers 

WBCP Leadership Training:

  • Work with municipalities and nonprofit organizations to maximize human capital by aligning individual, team and organizational efforts with strategies
  • Use key performance indicators to measure success
  • Align organizational and departmental strategies, synchronize cross-functional plans and execute successful action plans
  • Provide 360 leadership assessments
  • Design customized training modules to meet organizational needs
  • Offer “real time” executive coaching services to advance individual professional careers and improve performance
  • Assist organizations with creating and articulating their vision
  • Align, motivate and empower individuals and teams while building innovative business strategies 
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360 Riverside Avenue Gold Hill Oregon 97525

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