Turnkey Marketing

We deliver turnkey and custom social media solutions to advertise your vacancies to the widest audience on Facebook and Twitter.

Hassle Free Advertising

Our advertising service is fully automated and we can launch your campaigns within 24-hours.

We do all the Talking

We moderate and manage all social media conversations so you can focus on recruiting.

We deliver Results

We deliver analytics so you can easily report our success to your management


Careers In Government will develop a custom social media marketing strategy specific to your department or agency.

Plans and Pricing

We purchase ads from Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter at special negotiated rates. Plan pricing, and effectiveness, is based on the degree of desired exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the ads be posted ?
The ads are posted on Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and are fully managed by our staff.
What do I need to do?
Once you purchase the package we need to know what you want featured and our marketing staff will take care of it. Or you can always give us your imput on what ads to run.
Can I market only Jobs posted on your website?
No. The Social Media boost can be applied to anything that is job related in the Public sector. As the ads run on Facebook and Twitter they will direct to any page you decide.
Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade to a higher service any time after signing up. Because we purchase your ads from Social networks once a plan is bought it cannot be downgraded.
What is the difference between the various Social Media Boosts?

The difference in price changes the allocated money toward your ads. Since we purchase the ads from Facebook and Twitter, higher plans directly pay Facebook and Twitter for more exposure.

We have been pleased with Careers in Governments service and willingness to work with our HR team . I view this service as one on many ways to reach candidates, particularly technology, and find the social media component to be quite valuable.
David Stevens

CIO, Maricopa County OET

Careers in Government customer service and results-oriented postings allowed me to present evidence of the value of marketing. In other words, you earned the contract and should be proud of your business model.

Bernie Licata

HR Manager, Stanislaus County Probation Department

I highly recommend as the premiere resource to target candidates seeking employment with the Public sector. They have the unique ability to market my vacancies citywide via the job board and social media channels.
Ed Wong

Recruitment and Talent Management Specialist, County of San Francisco

Peckham & McKenney has advertised career opportunities with Careers in Government for many years and have always found them to provide strong customer service in a timely manner. We feel they are an effective resource in serving our advertising needs.
Bobbi C. Peckham

President, Peckham & McKenney


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