National Safety Month: Stay Safe Out There!

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National Safety Month: Stay Safe Out There!

Posted on June 9th, by H.E. James in About the Public Sector, Public Sector News. No Comments

How many businesses and agencies have you visited where the “Days Without Injury” sign reads in the single digits? What about the sign at your organization? This is one instance where the greater the number, the greater the success at workplace safety, and June is the month to focus on staying safe at work, at … Read More »

You Say Potato, I Say…Leadership

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A few months ago, several members of my family attended our local theater to see, The Martian.  While we were thoroughly entertained by the variety of dilemmas, science, humor and suspense, there was a subtle nudge I took from the film that I used for a new way to enjoy a long-standing activity with my children.

A botanist … Read More »

Use Your Voice to Advance Your Career (Pt. 2): The Where and What

Posted on June 9th, by Chantal Wynter in Career Advice. No Comments

In a prior post – Use Your Voice to Advance Your Career, I discussed how powerful your voice can be to advance your career. I discussed how to use your voice by planting a seed and asking for help. Now, I will detail the how by discussing what to ask and where to seek help.

Remember, put … Read More »

The Cycle of Life

Posted on June 9th, by Liam Ryan in education/training. 2 comments

I hugged my eldest son, Christy, two weeks ago, probably for the first time. He was about to disappear through the departure gates to board a flight to Dubai and begin a new chapter of his life with Emirate Airlines. Grown men don’t often embrace but we both knew this was one of the occasions … Read More »

Big Data’s Big Role in Government Careers

Posted on June 4th, by Tonya Chestnut in About the Public Sector, Public Sector News. No Comments

From Michael Dell to Forrester to the International Institute for Analytics, leaders across all industries predict big data analytics will be the next trillion-dollar market to significantly impact businesses of all kinds. The big data analytics field, which is defined as the “collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside an organization … Read More »

How to Leave Your Job or Career: The Bridge Dilemma

Posted on June 4th, by David Shindler in Career Advice. No Comments

Job and career transitions can be messy. Letting go and moving on are emotional rollercoasters. Sometimes you don’t get a choice whether to stay or go if you get fired or made redundant. Other times you make the leap because you need a change or life sucks. The one thing you have in your control … Read More »

A Creative Approach to Interview Preparation

Posted on June 4th, by American Public University System in networking/interviewing. 1 Comment

By Ann Eastham
Contributor, Career Coach

Interviewing can be one of the most stress inducing aspects of a job search, especially when you are new to the process. Speaking with someone you don’t know can be challenging under ideal conditions, much less when your goal of the interaction is to land your dream job.

Preparing for an interview … Read More »

A Side-By-Side Boss

Posted on June 4th, by Chris Edmonds in education/training. No Comments

In the CBS television show, Undercover Boss, senior leaders in these companies learn about the work lives that their employees experience, although in an unusual and perhaps somewhat directed, way. But the concept is solid.

In the high performance, values-aligned organizations we study, senior leaders don’t see the “live in your employee’s shoes” opportunity as once-in-a-career … Read More »

Coaching for Inclusion: A Whole Person Accommodation

Posted on June 4th, by S. Barton Cutter in on the job. No Comments

In recent years, much emphasis has been placed on hiring and retaining talented professionals with disabilities. And, great strides have been made to provide reasonable accommodations where needed to ensure these individuals are able to perform their jobs optimally.

For years, however, success in the professional realm has been linked to an employee’s ability to minimize, … Read More »

3 Steps to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Posted on May 15th, by Bennett Dwosh in on the job. No Comments

Congratulations. After weeks, or months, of job hunting, not only did you locate your “dream job” but they liked you and even hired you. You’re excited to start contributing to this organization, especially as they appear ready to let you implement your brilliant ideas at a paygrade you couldn’t even dream of complaining about. And … Read More »