ipma.logoInternational Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR) Executive Director Neil Reichenberg and Careers In Government, Inc. (CIG) Chief Executive Officer Corey Hurwitz announced a strategic partnership designed to dramatically enhance IPMA-HR’s online job posting and recruiting presence.  It will also sharply broaden CIG’s role as a career portal for public sector personnel networking, professional development and education.

As part of the collaboration, several months in the planning, CIG will install a co-branded version of its recently redesigned and upgraded job board to better serve IPMA-HR’s more than 7,500 members.  IPMA-HR and its members are expected to reap the benefits of CIG’s award-winning full-featured job board, its strong social network platform and multi-language capability and applicant tracking tools for better management of the recruitment and hiring process. IPMA-HR’s broad menu of training programs as well as its webinars, conferences, testing tools, member tools, benchmarking and best practices knowledge will enrich CIG’s rapidly growing Gov Talk Blog and GTube channel.

The two organizations will undertake joint marketing efforts to provide both public management H.R. professionals and job seekers with a state-of-the-art job board that incorporates a wide range of job seeker opportunities, strong practical H.R. management tools, and valuable research and development resources. “Historically, professional association websites post job opportunities as a “side dish” and technical innovation is limited in deference to keeping membership dues affordable. Likewise, job boards struggle to maintain relevant content, and lack the resources to conduct research helpful to the field.  This is a unique pairing that will allow both our organizations to draw on each other’s strengths.  IPMA-HR is the premiere professional association for public sector human resource professionals and we are very excited about the synergy potential” said Hurwitz.

“Much like government, we want to take advantage of private partnerships that leverage resources and expand services to our membership. IPMA-HR is committed to innovations that add value and enhance members’ benefits.  CIG is a respected public sector job board with a history of innovation, as well as compatible organizational values and goals that make our partnership an ideal fit”. Said Reichenberg.

Technical planning and integration is expected to be completed in early Fall of this year.

About International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR)

IPMA-HR is the leading public sector human resource organization in the world. It has served HR professionals since 1906 with 40 chapters residing in the U.S. and abroad.  Its principal mission is to enhance public sector performance by providing human resource leadership, advocacy, professional development, and a community of HR professionals for the sharing of resources and ideas.  Additionally, IPMA-HR conducts research and surveys to identify best practices, successful practices, and HR critical issues and utilizes various strategies, including technology to communicate that information.

About Careers In Government, Inc. (CIG)

Since 1996 Careers In Government, Inc. (CIG) has been an industry leader and innovator in online public sector job listings and career resources. It counts among its clients thousands of government and education organizations, as well as private executive recruiter firms, who wish to utilize a niche job board to recruit and hire the best suited and qualified employees.  Careers In Government, Inc. has been distinguished by Forbes as the best website dedicated to the public sector. This prestigious award recognizes CIG’s recently redesigned user interface, cutting-edge use of social media, growing library of insightful, relevant content by top bloggers and industry experts, and its unparalleled customer service.  Careers In Government, Inc’s announcement adds to its expanding list of strategic partners which include: South Bay Workforce Investment Board, Multisector.info, USC Price School of Public Policy; UNC School of Public Policy; and others.

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