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Bob Anderson and Bill Adams Bill Adams brings thirty years of leadership development experience to his clients – the CEOs of major Fortune 500 corporations, non-profits and private equity start-up businesses. As a consultant, trusted advisor and coach, he works with senior executives in the areas of strategy, alignment, performance and leadership effectiveness. Bill’s expertise is working with clients to lead large-scale change and cultural transformation within their organizations. Bob Anderson is the founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, LLC. Bob is the creator and author of The Leadership Circle Profile, an integrated and innovative leadership development tool being used by companies worldwide. The Leadership Circle Profile is being heralded as a genuine breakthrough in the field of leadership development and Bob’s leading-edge research has put him at the forefront of the leadership development conversation worldwide. We are a global team deeply passionate about helping top teams and leaders excel. For the past 30 years our founders have been honing their craft and working with leaders in every industry and in just about every situation you can imagine to achieve better business results. We bring all of that to bear when helping transform businesses, align top teams, improve board effectiveness, design communication systems or coach executives.

Website: https://fcg-global.com

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How Healthy Is Your  Leadership System?

How Healthy Is Your Leadership System?

In recent weeks, we have all been informed about the physical, mental and emotional health of the candidates for President of the United States, because we need to know how well they will perform under the pressure of high office. When assessing the health of our...
The Promise of Leadership

The Promise of Leadership

By Bob Anderson and Bill Adams When we step into positions of leadership, we make a whole set of promises we may not know we are making. These promises are profound and come in the form of high, often unspoken expectations. Understanding, managing, and living up to...
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