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Kari Reston is the Founder and Chief Executive of Boredom to Boardroom, where she shares honest advice as well as secrets from HR and the corporate world to help her subscribers find work and build successful careers. As both a senior HR executive and a manager myself, I dealt with tons of interns, new grads, and experienced employees – hiring, firing, promoting, and everything in between. What frustrates me is seeing so many people, lots who have amazing educations too, totally struggle when it comes to finding a job and then navigating work! I know it’s tough. I’ve been there – applying for millions of roles, stressing over interviews, offers, and work permits even. Eventually, I got a great job and worked my way up. I made mistakes along the way, and learned a lot in the process. My goal now is to help more people succeed – finding jobs, getting promoted, earning $$$, and enjoying it at the same time.

Website: http://boredomtoboardroom.com/

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A Sentence That Can Change Your Life?

A Sentence That Can Change Your Life?

Have you ever been in an elevator and had someone say “tell me about you”? Me neither!  However, the fact remains that you need an elevator pitch before you realize it and step into the proverbial elevator. The thing is, when the need arises, it’s too late. You of...
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